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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Cocker Spaniel

**   Bucklodge Kelly Girl,   SD95639   F    568   Wiehle , Elizabeth     
Born: 7/10/1980  Died: 12/1/1988  Color: Red/ White, 
By:  Bucklodge King's Ransom  x Cavalier's Klassy Kelley
CAT:  1/1/1988  PRA:1/1/1988

* CH   Budken Sexa Peal,   SN435057/05   F    497   Goudy , Mildred     
Born: 4/23/1997   Color: Buff, 
By:  CH Budken Comac Ryal Sensation  x CH Comac Coronation Clone
CAT:  9/27/2005  PRA:9/27/2005

* CH   Buena Vista's First Edition,   SD408445   F    535   Kuhns , Rolf M. & Anne T.     
Born: 2/13/1982   Color: Buff, 
By:  Ch. Ashleys Golden Rule  x Rolfs Silver Muffin CD
CAT:  3/1/1991  PRA:3/1/1991

*   Cal-Ore's Chocloate Stephanie,   SN041643/07   F    387   Ray , Nancy L.  - Lisa L. Ray    
Born: 2/22/1992   Color: Brown, 
By:  Cal-Ore's Chocolate Alexander  x Cal-Ore's Chocolate Parfait
CAT:  1/30/2001  PRA:1/30/2001

*   Cal-Ore's Chocolate A J,   SN041643/03   M    387   Ray , Nancy L.  - Lisa L. Ray    
Born: 2/22/1992   Color: Brown, 
By:  Cal-Ore's Chocolate Alexander  x Cal-Ore's Chocolate Parfait
CAT:  1/30/2001  PRA:1/30/2001
OFA: CS-6535E105M  Date: 1/11/2001
FAC X: 12/20/2000 FAC Level: 92
vWD: 12/20/2000 vWD Level: 79
THY: 2/5/2001  TgAA: Unknown

**   Cal-Ore's Chocolate Parfait,   SE842298   F    387   Ray , Nancy L.  - Lisa L. Ray    
Born: 6/16/1985  Died: 11/4/1996  Color: Brown, 
By:  Cal-Ore's Chocolate Bad Boy  x Cal-Ore's Chocolate Praline
CAT:  11/4/1996  PRA:11/4/1996

*   Cal-Ore's Queen Genius,   SD050567   F    618   Ray , Nancy L. & Monique R.     
Born: 4/26/1980   Color: Black/ Tan, 
By:  Cal-Ore's The Devil's  x Brandy Capuccino
CAT:  2/1/1990  PRA:2/1/1990

*   Cal-Ore's Red Hughie,   SM992078/01   M    387   Ray , Nancy L.  - Lisa L. Ray    
Born: 5/15/1992   Color: Red, 
By:  Cal-Ore's Sammy Red Rocket  x Allieupe Of Cal-Ore
CAT:  1/30/2001  PRA:1/30/2001

**   Cal-Ore's Sammy Red Rocket,   SF785001   M    387   Ray , Nancy L.  - Lisa L. Ray    
Born: 9/27/1988  Died: 9/30/2000  Color: Red, 
By:  Apollos Winsome Laddy  x Madame Taffee Lynne
CAT:  10/5/1999  PRA:10/5/1999

* CH   Camelot's Confetti,   SD85705   F    556   Tabake , Ruth  - Marion Carey    
Born: 6/12/1980   Color: Black/ Tan, 
By:  Ch. Memoir's Marc In The Dark  x Pryority's Holiday Hi-Life
CAT:  1/1/1990  PRA:1/1/1990

* CH   Campbell's Kismet,   SD565839   F    623   Rowe , Charles & Jacquelyn     
Born: 8/29/1982   Color: Sable/ White, 
By:  Ch. Legend Dudley Do Right  x Ch. Smarti Parti Color MeC;aore
CAT:  9/1/1990  PRA:9/1/1990

** CH   Canter Color Of Copper,   SF186821   F    98   Baker , Regina     
Born: 1/1/1988  Died: 12/15/1999  Color: Red/White, 
By:  CH Sandor's Dutch Chocolate, UDTX  x Trojan's Rantan Sasha
CAT:  5/12/1999  PRA:5/12/1999
OFA: CS-2097F32F-T  Date: 10/16/1990
FAC X: 6/2/1988 FAC Level: 94
vWD: 6/2/1988 vWD Level: 58, 73
THY: 11/30/1996  TgAA: Unknown

* INT AM CH   Caralee's Dexter Brown,   SN192327/01   M    154   Minks , Marianne     
Born: 7/25/1994   Color: Brown, 
By:  CH Legend Weekend Warrior II  x CH Caralee's Cassie Brown
CAT:  10/4/2002  PRA:10/4/2002
OFA: CS-4585G24M  Date: 8/27/1996

* CH   Carbert Arikara Magic Touch,   SR21524401   M    940   Nazarko , Patti  - Carole Shute    
Born: 9/9/2004   Color: Buff, 
By:  Ch. Aprils Beyond Reasonable Doubt  x Ch. Carbert Arikara Vanilla Magic
CAT:  11/12/2012  PRA:11/12/2012
OFA: CS-10118G31M-PI  Date: 6/13/2007

* CH   Carbert Arikara Vanilla Ice,   SN442391/01   F    940   Nazarko , Patti  - Carole Shute    
Born: 7/23/1996   Color: Cream, 
By:  CH Carbert Stonehedge El Ventura  x CD Carbert's Meadowstar
CAT:  1/11/2005  PRA:1/11/2005

*   Carbert Stonehedge El Ventura,   SN227695/01   M    914   Nazarko , Patti  - Carole Shute & Mary Gorr    
Born: 12/13/1993   Color: Golden, 
By:  CH Linway's Michael J  x Carbert's Sybil
CAT:  4/25/2003  PRA:4/25/2003
OFA: CS-5068G44M  Date: 10/2/1997

*   Carbert's Great Expectation,   CKC NG2848807   M    416   Shute , Carole     
Born: 4/16/1981   Color: Buff, 
By:  Ch. Kaplar's Kassanova  x CN Ch. Carbert's 'Tis Mine
CAT:  5/1/1989  PRA:5/1/1989

* CH   Caroline's Beautiful K-T ,   SC967429   F    462   Coils , Carolyn & Agnes     
Born: 6/8/1980   Color: Red/ White, 
By:  Ch. Marquis Here Comes Trouble  x Da Dar's Only Time'L Tell
CAT:  11/1/1988  PRA:11/1/1988

* CH   Caroline's Snow Flight,   SD583520   M    193   Miller , Ramona     
Born: 9/7/1982   Color: Red/ White, 
By:  Ch. Frandee's Free Flight  x Ch. Caroline's Beautiful K-T
CAT:  10/1/1990  PRA:10/1/1990

* CH   Caroling's Coza Commotion,   SN439928/04   M    964   Covey , Jan     
Born: 4/21/1997   Color: Brown, 
By:  CH Shadow Cast High Voltage  x + Caroling's Jamaica Me Crazy
CAT:  7/29/2005  PRA:7/29/2005
OFA: CS-5888G24M-T  Date: 7/13/1999

*   Caroling's Jamaica Me Crazy,   SN266336/02   F    963   Jones , Sally M & Robert     
Born: 6/3/1995   Color: Brown, 
By:  CH Ashleysown Kahlua  x CH Caroling's Token Brown
CAT:  7/29/2005  PRA:7/29/2005

* AM INT CH   Caroling's Token Brown,   SM919482/01   F    400   Calkins , Carolyn     
Born: 9/27/1991   Color: Brown, 
By:  Kane Venture For My Friends  x CH Caroling's Avanti Truffle
CAT:  12/31/1999  PRA:12/31/1999

* AM/INT CH   Caroling's Token Of Time,   SN391198/01   M    400   Calkins , Carolyn     
Born: 9/13/1996   Color: Brown, 
By:  CH Bleumoon's Just One Time  x CH Caroling's Token Brown
CAT:  7/29/2005  PRA:7/29/2005
OFA: CS-7066G62M-PI  Date: 1/9/2002

* CH   Caroling's Un-Bear-Ably Busy,   SN439928/01   F    400   Calkins , Carolyn     
Born: 4/21/1997   Color: Brown, 
By:  CH Shadow Cast High Voltage  x Caroling's Jamaica Me Crazy
CAT:  7/29/2005  PRA:7/29/2005
OFA: CS-7788G72F-PI  Date: 5/20/2003

* CH   Carousel Doggone Moonlighting,   SR19585403   F    71   Pino , Lisa M.  - Julie Wolfe Virosteck    
Born: 5/20/2004   Color: Buff, 
By:  Ch. A to Z's Moondoggie  x Ch. Carousel Surely You Jest
CAT:  2/20/2015  PRA:2/20/2015
OFA: CS-10280G40F-PI  Date: 11/5/2007

* CH   Carousel Footprints to Crazy Q,   SR08828902   F    71   Pino , Lisa M.  - Julie Wolfe Virosteck    
Born: 2/25/2003   Color: Buff, 
By:  Ch. Labaron's Sugarfoot  x Ch. Carousel Surely You Jest
CAT:  2/20/2015  PRA:2/20/2015
OFA: CS-8828F25F-PI  Date: 4/18/2005

*   Cedar Ledge Cat's Meow,CD, CGC   SE686834   F    211   Emerick , Paula & Earl     
Born: 7/5/1986   Color: Black/Tan, 
By:  CH Frandee's Top Brass  x CH Kaplar's Kat Kall
CAT:  10/8/2000  PRA:10/8/2000
OFA: CS-2919G76F  Date: 7/5/1986

**   Charbari Swiss Dotted,   SE302309   F    22   Gooder , Sondra C.     
Born: 3/1/1985  Died: 2/1/1997  Color: Black/White, 
By:  CH Caroline's Snow Flight  x Charbari Simply Smashing
CAT:  10/15/1993  PRA:10/15/1993
OFA: CS-1105G28F  Date: 8/4/1987

* CH   Charisma's All Fired Up,   SE278949   F    636   Sommer , Laurel  - Kay Barrows    
Born: 12/22/1984   Color: Black, 
By:  Ch. Lorihil Lite My Fire  x Cottonwood's Charisma
CAT:  2/1/1992  PRA:2/1/1992

* CH   Charisma's Going In Style,   SD986899   F    443   Barrowss , Kay  - Jackie Haun, Pam Sexton    
Born: 1/1/1984   Color: Black/ Tan, 
By:  Charisma Conqueror Of Cafran  x Cafran's Victoria
CAT:  2/1/1992  PRA:2/1/1992

* CH   Charlot's Abracadabra,   SN748925/01   M    960   Cooper , Susan R     
Born: 5/13/2000   Color: Buff, 
By:  CH Beaujolais'Minnesota Magic  x CH Never Blue's Gold Dust
CAT:  11/12/2008  PRA:11/12/2008
OFA: CS-7315G24M-PI  Date: 6/6/2002

* CH   Charmin Centerfold,   SE109502   F    608   Peirce , Edna     
Born: 7/22/1984   Color: Red/ White, 
By:  Ch. Charmin Choice of Evenstar  x Charmin Cover Girl
CAT:  2/1/1993  PRA:2/1/1993

** CH   Charmin's Choice Of Evenstar,   SC917643   M    608   Peirce , Edna     
Born: 4/28/1980  Died: 4/1/1990  Color: Red/ White, 
By:  Ch. Charmin Charade  x Evenstar's Spotlight
CAT:  5/1/1989  PRA:5/1/1989

** CH   Che-Lee's High Society,   SE541230   F    924   Rigsby , Kimberly L.     
Born: 1/13/1986  Died: 6/1/1998  Color: Buff, 
By:  + CH Palm Hill Caro-Bu's Solid Gold  x Che-Lee's Centerfold
CAT:  2/5/1994  PRA:2/5/1994

* CH   Chess King's Kiss The Boss,   SD657635   F    605   Palmer , Marcia  - Billie B. Hayes    
Born: 11/22/1982   Color: Black/ Tan, 
By:  Ch. Chess King's Board Boss  x Ch. Chess King's Kiss N Tell
CAT:  2/1/1991  PRA:2/1/1991

* GCH   Chris-Di's Classic Flame,   SR60765903   F    1004   Berger , Linda      
Born: 11/11/2011   Color: R/W, 
By:  Ch Flair-Rill Fire Storming  x Ch. Chris-Di's Enchanted Classic
CAT:  12/7/2017  PRA:12/7/2017
OFA: CS-12171E41F-VPI  Date: 5/9/2013

* CH   Chris-Di's Enchanted Classic,   SR132490/01   F    892   Buck , Christine     
Born: 10/17/2003   Color: Red/White, 
By:  CH Nickleodeon Classic Jazz  x + CH Chris-Di's Magical Enchantress
CAT:  11/5/2011  PRA:11/5/2011
OFA: CS-9205G24F-PI  Date: 12/12/2005

* CH   Chris-Di's Enchanted Triple Axel,   SR17843903   M    191   Hales , Gwendolyn F.     
Born: 5/15/2004   Color: Red & White, 
By:  Ch. Tri-Pod's Driving Me Buggy  x Ch. Chris-Di's Magic Spell
CAT:  5/15/2012  PRA:5/15/2012
OFA: CS-9621F25M-PI  Date: 8/1/2006

* CH   Chris-Di's Magic Spell,   SN692062/01   F    891   Buck , Christine  - Richard Buck    
Born: 8/20/1999   Color: Black/White, 
By:  CH Tri-Pod's Bug Off  x CH Ebony Hills Enchantress CD,NA
CAT:  9/19/2007  PRA:9/19/2007
OFA: CS-6953G24F-PI  Date: 10/2/2001

* CH   Chris-Di's Magical Enchantress,   SN692062/02   F    891   Buck , Christine  - Richard Buck    
Born: 8/20/1999   Color: Red/White, 
By:  CH Tri-Pod's Bug Off  x CH Ebony Hill's Enchantress CD,NA
CAT:  9/19/2007  PRA:9/19/2007
OFA: CS-6991E25F-PI  Date: 11/6/2001

* CH   Chris-Di's Millennium Northwind Treasure,   SR253795/04   M    892   Buck , Christine     
Born: 3/12/2005   Color: Black/White, 
By:  Tri-Pod's Hidden Treasure  x + CH Chris-Di's Millennium Vision
CAT:  6/22/2013  PRA:6/22/2013
OFA: CS-10163E27M-PI  Date: 7/17/2007

* CH   Chris-Di's Millennium Vision,   SN694402/02   F    891   Buck , Christine  - Richard Buck    
Born: 10/14/1999   Color: Black/White, 
By:  CH Dazlin Rockit  x Trianne's Major Attitude
CAT:  10/20/2007  PRA:10/20/2007
OFA: CS-7027G24F-PI  Date: 11/27/2001

*   Citadel's Durspen Desert Rose,   SE056789   F    503   Gray , Charles & Janet     
Born: 5/18/1984   Color: Red, 
By:  Ch. Weatherfield Durspen Diamond  x Ch. Citadel's Skylark
CAT:  7/1/1992  PRA:7/1/1992

* CH   Clanagroe's Mite-T-Clancy,CD, TT, CGC   SM866849/01   M    287   Brosnahan , Maureen  - Timothy Maloney    
Born: 1/8/1990   Color: Red/White, 
By:  CH Sarcee's Kataxin Astro-Mite  x CN CH Parnell's Merry Josephine CD, TT, CGC
CAT:  4/16/1998  PRA:4/16/1998
OFA: CS-2689G27M-T  Date: 4/30/1992
vWD: 11/8/1997 vWD Level: 63
THY: 10/22/1997  TgAA: Unknown

** CH   Clanagroe's Wild Irish Rose,CD, CGC   CKC AL028374   F    287   Brosnahan , Maureen  - Timothy Maloney    
Born: 6/25/1992  Died: 9/13/2000  Color: Black/White, 
By:  CH Flair-Rill Trident  x CH Showtime's Kiss Me Kate, CD, TT, CGC
CAT:  9/13/1999  PRA:9/13/1999
OFA: CS-4205F39F-T  Date: 11/1/1995

** CH   Cleopatra's Black Magic,CGC   SF196410   M    221   McManigle , Brenda J.     
Born: 3/15/1988  Died: 12/11/2002  Color: Black/White, 
By:  Kat Tails Leave It To Beaver  x + Artemisia Cleopatra
CAT:  5/13/1999  PRA:5/13/1999
OFA: CS-2105G30M  Date: 10/22/1990

* CH   Cobb's Country Breeze,   SC941253   F    99   Jones , Bea     
Born: 3/7/1980   Color: Buff, 
By:  Ch. Artru Sky Jack  x Ch. Cobb's Kathleen
CAT:  2/1/1991  PRA:2/1/1991

* CH   Cobb's Keshia,   SE310232   F    150   Cobb , Carolyn S.     
Born: 3/23/1985   Color: Red, 
By:  CH Cobb's Red Blazer  x CH Cobb's N'Cajun Sister Kate
CAT:  11/16/1993  PRA:11/16/1993

*   Cobb's Miss Celle's Blues,   SF530071   F    341   Meade , Sandra     
Born: 2/10/1989   Color: Red, 
By:  CH Cobb's Buckskin  x CH Cobb's Keshia
CAT:  8/8/1997  PRA:8/8/1997

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