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Thursday, April 07, 2005
Cocker Spaniel Rescue

"God Bless America! This is what Rescue is all about."
Ellen, DFW

Mickey came to the Dallas-Fort Worth Cocker Spaniel Rescue when his owner learned that her tour of duty in Iraq would be long-term. About 7 months old, he’d already gone from one friend to another for the first few months after his momma went to Iraq.

In May 2003, Mickey (formerly known as “Ripley”) was adopted by Janet McShane. Janet sent Mickey’s picture to the 365 Dog-A-Day Calendar and he was selected for the 2005 edition! We asked Janet to share Mickey’s story with us, and this is her report:

Mickey “He is quite a character. When we first got him he had a big rawhide bone that he HAD to have in bed with him and everywhere. When that finally was gone he became attached his "Blue Ball". This is like a pacifier. He carries it from room to room and yes it goes to bed with us also. During the night if it falls off, he jumps down, picks it up, and sometimes sticks it under my arm to be sure it does not fall again. One night I was awakened by all this commotion under the bed. After looking around in the darkness, I got a flashlight and Mickey and I crawled and searched under the bed until we found the "Blue Ball". I knew he was not coming back to bed without it. Earlier this year we purchased a travel trailer and Mickey loves to go camping. Of course it is with all the comforts of home. When we start getting ready and packing the camper, he gets nervous.
Mickey If we are inside the camper he is sitting in the backyard howling and carrying on. He would sit in the truck for hours if we would let him just to be sure he does not get left behind ... and he doesn't!!! I would occasionally give him a rawhide stick to chew and he would take this and walk around crying and trying to find a place to hide it, then find it again and start crying again. If I give him anything big to chew on, we go thru the same thing. All treats have to be very small. There have been a couple of times after boarding him for the week-end that he has come home and thrown up and he did this for a couple of days after we first got him. He does not like to be left. If I am not home at the normal time, he sits and looks out the front window until I get home .... even though Daddy is sitting on the couch. I would love to be a foster home but I work long hours (we have a doggie door and Dennis gets home much earlier than I do). I also do not think that Mickey wants to share ..... he has fun with the grandkids but is jealous of my time with them. He is always trying to get between me and them. Yes, he has found a good home and he is VERY SPOILED!!!!!

DFW Rescue, you are doing such a wonderful job.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Janet McShane”
Second Chances.