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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Cocker Spaniel was originally bred as a hunting dog. Their job is to help the hunter find, flush, and retrieve upland game birds. Despite the fact that their appearance has altered significantly since the early days, our wonderful breed can still hold it's own as a hunting companion.

Thanks to the efforts of a very active and dedicated Field Committee, the abilities of the Cocker Spaniel as a hunting dog are acknowledged and respected. The ASC is proud of the video that two members of the field committee, Ruth Ginzburg and Trish Jackson, developed, "Form Follows Function." This video sets forth the precept that a properly structured dog can perform its function in the field it was bred for.

Am, Can, CG Sharay's Sherbert Delight, CDX and WDX,
owned by Sharon Landry Voelpel.
(Photo courtesy of Don Ploke)

Once again this summer, there will be an instinct field evaluation during the Cocker Spaniel National in Perry, Georgia.

Come and join us to evaluate your cocker’s hunting ability.

Professional dog trainer Ray Cacchio will evaluate your dog and help bring out the natural field instincts of your cocker.

To register for the Instinct Evaluation, please fill out the PDF file Form and mail it to Vicki Dahlk.

If you have any questions, please contact Vicki Dahlk.

January 2005, Best in Field

Best in Show Field Trial - CH. ASHBROOK CRUISE CONTROL, SN597965/04, 11/21/98.
Breeder, T. Deyette. By Ch. Sandcastles Skipjack - Ch.Ashbrook Alley Cat.
Owner, Lisa M. Ross & Tracey Deyette.
(Photo by Ashbey)

Results of the ASC Cocker National Show Hunt Test,
Friday, July 9, 2004 Indianapolis, IN


1. CH. Carefree’s As Good As It Gets CD, JH, NA (English Cocker Spaniel), 9/2/98, (SN578042/01). Breeder: Amy Kluth and Susan Cascio. By CH. Bellflower Prototype x CH. Cascade Dreamer CD. Owner: Amy Kluth and Paul Mommaerts and Cheryl Kemp-Mommaerts. Handled by Paul Mommaerts. “Kailey”


4. Select Debbie’s Bright Penny JH, CGC, WD (Cocker Spaniel), 2/13/00, (SN712242/11). Breeder: Steven Thellman and Wendy Turney. By CH. Somerset’s Master of Rhythm x Moody’s N D-Elms Jet Setter. Owner: Frank E. Martinez and Deborah J. Torras. Handled by Frank E. Martinez. “Penny”


2. CH. Skyrocket’s Wings of Gold (Cocker Spaniel), 11/4/99, (SN709458/05). Breeder: Melissa S. Frye. By CH. Kaplar’s Prince of Tides x Madison’s Black Lace MH. Owner: Janine Kester. Handled by Janine Kester. “Rudy”

3. Escapades Radio Doc WD (Cocker Spaniel), 3/15/01, (SN849705/04). Breeder: Owner. CH. Wood-Phield Just in Time x Escapades Eat My Dust NA, NAJ, NAP, OJP. Owner: Sue Kelly and Richard Beaton. Handled by Sue Kelly. “Frasier”

4. CH. Madde’s Finely Forged (Cocker Spaniel), 11/25/00, (SN815940/02). Breeder: Debi Bell-Dolan and Mark Dolan. By CH. Madde’s Big Hit x JPK’s Evita. Owner Tammy Stiller. Handled By Tammy Stiller. “Sterling”

5. Wood-Phield Southern Comfort WD (Cocker Spaniel), 7/4/99, (SN676780/01). Breeder: Karen Phiel and Rodney Reeves. By CH. Charlot’s Whiskey River x CH. Sher-Rod Southern Belle CD. Owner: Karen S. Phiel. Handled by Bob Phiel. “Wes”

7. CH. Escapades Dust in the Wind CD, WD, OA, AXJ (Cocker Spaniel), 1/24/96, (SN34316301). Breeder: Owner. By CH. Brownwood’s Whirlwind CD x Escapades One N Only Irish Lass. Owner: Sue Kelly and Richard Beaton. Handled by Richard Beaton. “DJ”

10. CH. Winter’ Hopes and Prayers NA, NAJ, TD (Field Spaniel), 4/9/01, (SN822259/01). Breeder: Lisa S. Winters. By CH. Calico’s Moving Picture CDX, SH x CH. Marshfields Evermoor My Amor VCD1. Owner: Lisa S. Winters and Albert C. Winters. Handled by Lisa Winters. “Grace”

11. Bluemoons Gardian of My Heart WDX (Clumber Spaniel), 6/14/02, (SR029495/02). Breeder: Roe and Gordon Froman. By CH. Bacchanal Will Be Gruff x CH. Bluemoons Heart and Soul CD, TD, JH. Owner: Venee’ Gardner and Gordon and Roe Froman, DVM. Handled by Venee’ Gardner. “Kirby”

13. Thomas’ Lil Miss Summer (Cocker Spaniel), 3/27/03, (SR080610/07). Breeder: Jeffrey E. Thomas. By CH. Skyrocket’s Upland Special SH, AX, MXJ x Thomas’ Dungarvon Red Autumn JH. Owner: Bev Bettridge. Handled by Bev Bettridge. “Summer”

14. CH Nosowea’s Now I Get It (Cocker Spaniel), 2/18/03, (SR066194/02). Breeder: Joanne Thorp. By CH. Nosowea’s Never Drop Your Fly x Nosowea’s What’s My Name. Owner: Kaye Bennett and Joanne Thorp. Handled by Kaye Bennett. “Toad”


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Working Dogs
The Working Certificate Test Program is an introduction to field work for both dog and handler. The program is designed to give Cockers and all other Flushing Spaniels the opportunity to test their natural hunting skills in a non-competitive atmosphere. The ASC encourages the versatility of our sporting cockers in the field. The Working Test Program is viewed as a first step towards AKC Hunt Tests.

Working Dog and Working Dog Excellent Tests were held in conjunction with the 2003 ASC Cocker Spaniel National Specialty in Riverside, California.

Judged by Ruth Tabaka, two cockers earned WD Certificates, and two earned WDX Certificates.

WD Titles were earned by:
  • Ch. Madde's Finely Forged (Sterling), WD owned and handled by Tammy Stiller.
  • OTCH Knights Little Kelly Girl (Kelly), VCD2, UDX, TDX, OA, AX, SH, WD, owned and handled by Gail Workman.
WDX titles were earned by:
  • Kelly's Cruisen Legacy (Cruiser), SH, WDX, owned and handled by Gail Workman.
  • Pudg'gee Ann's Patches McNatches, MH, WDX, owned and handled by Bob Linehan
Visit our "From The Field" Page for a complete report.

July 2004, Best in Field
Breeder: Melissa S Frye
By Ch. Kaplar's Prince Of Tides -Madison Black Lace MH. Dog. Owner: Janine Kester
(Photo by Erika)

Best in Field

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