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Friday, December 17, 2004
The ASC National Cocker Spaniel Show

ASC will receive donations based on the participation of breeders and puppy owners in our club’s Futurity program. Purina will donate:
  • $10 for each Futurity nominated litter
  • $2 for each Futurity enrolled puppy, and
  • $25 for each Futurity enrolled puppy that earns it AKC Conformation Championship title.
Pro Plan Trophy

In addition to the donations listed above, the Nestle Purina Pet Care Company will send Recognition Awards for all Futurity nominated puppies that achieve their AKC Conformation Championship titles, and will award the Pro Plan Futurity Alliance Trophy, an original Danny Quest bronze on marble base, to the breeder of each Best In Futurity puppy.

ASC will also receive donations based on the participation of breeders and owners of nominated litters and/or puppies in the Purina Pro Club loyalty program. When our club’s Cocker Spaniel Futurity participants are members of the Pro Club, they will earn valuable Purina Points for every purchased pound of participating Purina brand dog foods. The American Spaniel Club can also earn 10% of the value of all points from valid weight circles credited to our Futurity participants’ Pro Club accounts.

To enroll in the Purina Pro Club, call 1-877-PRO-CLUB (1-877-776-2582) or visit the Purina Pro Club website.

PDF fileBitch Nomination Form and Rules- July 2005 National
PDF filePupy Enrollment Form and Rules- July 2005 National

Futurity rules

Cocker Spaniel National Specialty
The Futurity Stake is a showcase for the breeder’s effort

The breeders of entries for the Futurity must be members of the American Spaniel Club, Inc. through all steps of the Futurity (have annual dues paid). Owners (if other than the breeder) of enrolled puppies are not required to be ASC members.

Nominations and enrollments shall be sent to the Futurity Chair only on forms issued by ASC. The forms state the required payment and information. Fees must be paid in U.S. funds (checks drawn on U.S. Banks and U.S. Money Orders only). Checks on Foreign Banks for U.S. funds are not acceptable and if sent, will be returned along with the Futurity Form.

The steps to be taken are:

1. Bitch Nomination.
The dam of the litter must be owned or leased by an ASC member(s). The dam must be properly nominated PRIOR to whelping (between July 1 and December 31 inclusive). Only puppies from nominated bitches, whelped after the date of nomination, are eligible. The nomination envelope must bear a post office cancellation stamp with a date prior to the whelping date. Postage Meter is not valid. A fee of $10 for each bitch nominated must accompany the form, in accordance with the instructions stated on the form. If the bitch’s due date is such that she may whelp in either the January or July Futurity, she should be nominated for both. NOTE: Both nominated bitch and sire of the litter MUST be at least two years of age at time of breeding. When nominating a bitch, photocopies of the individual Registration Certificates for both nominated bitch and sire of the litter must be included with the Nomination Form. If the bitch is leased, send photocopies of the AKC Registration and Lease forms filed with AKC.

2. Puppy Enrollment.
Enrollments of any puppies must be made by the breeder(s) or owner(s) on or before May 1. Enrollments must be made on the form issued by ASC and a payment of $10 per puppy is required. The form will state the complete requirements, but generally, the name of the puppy, the name of the sire and dam, date of birth, sex, variety and individual AKC Registration Number must be given. Canadian-bred or Mexican-bred puppies may provide a Canadian or Mexican Registration Number, if an AKC number has not yet been obtained. Late Enrollment: A late puppy enrollment may be made for a fee of $25 per puppy, provided all other requirements are met. LATE ENROLLMENTS DO NOT GO BY POSTMARK – THEY MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE CHAIR BY JUNE 1.

3. Entry.
Entries shall be made in the name of the OWNER(S), who need not be a member of ASC. A final payment of $5.00 for each puppy to be shown shall be made to the Superintendent of the Show before the closing of entries for the July Cocker Spaniel Show, at which time the Name, AKC Number, Date of birth, Breeding, Sex and Variety of each puppy must be given on the Regular AKC approved Entry Blank, together with the payment of the Regular Entry Fee. Each puppy shall be entered in one of the Regular Classes and, in addition, the entry blank must also be designated "Futurity Stake". The BREEDER(S) of the puppy MUST STILL BE A CURRENT MEMBER OF ASC. The ASC is not responsible for any errors made on the Entry Blank and no refunds will be made by ASC.

The money received by ASC from the nomination of bitches shall be divided as follows: 40% for the expenses of the Futurity Stake, 10% for the Best Puppy in Futurity (50% of this will be awarded to the puppy’s owner; 50% to the breeder), 5% for Best Opposite Sex to Best In Futurity Puppy (50% of this will be awarded to the puppy’s owner, 50% to the breeder), 10% for Best Puppy in each Variety, 5% for Best Opposite Sex to Best in each Variety.

The money received by ASC from the puppy enrollments and the final payment in each sex, each age group, AND each Variety shall be divided as follows: 40% of the total for expenses for the Futurity Stake, and the remaining shall be divided among each sex, each age group, and among each Variety as follows: 25% to First, 20% to Second, 10% to Third, and 5% to Fourth.

The judging in each sex and Variety shall be as follows: 6 to 9 months; 9 months and over but not exceeding the age limitations of the Futurity. Each sex, each age group in each Variety shall be judged separately. Following the judging of each age and sex group of each Variety for best in each group above, the six shall be judged, first for best of each respective Variety, and Best Opposite Sex to each Variety, and from the final three shall be selected the Best Puppy in the Futurity. Any dog of opposite sex to Best in Futurity, if undefeated within their Variety, shall compete for Best Opposite Sex to Best in Futurity.

The BREEDER of Best of each Variety and Best opposite Sex of each Variety shall receive a Certificate from the ASC.

The Breeder of the Best Puppy in Futurity Stake shall receive a representative trophy to commemorate the win of the Cathy Ashley Perpetual Memorial Trophy.

Monetary awards by check payable by check to OWNER or BREEDER as applicable. Checks are valid for six months.

National Cocker Spaniel Show Futurity rules and forms