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Thursday, April 07, 2005
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Club Liaison Program

Working together to advocate for the health of our breed.

We are all partners in the care of our breed, but sometimes it helps to have someone whose job it is to help us sort through all the information so we have the highlights. Information we can’t afford to miss.

Research in canine health and genetics is booming and every day new information flows from all over the world. Reports of available health screening tests, recruiting participants for research studies, and breakthroughs and new findings so we can better understand conditions that affect Cocker health. Information for breeders, pet owners, experienced or just starting out… our BreedCare Liaisons will increase everyone’s access to the latest and best Cocker health information.

The BreedCare Club Liaison Program is an international workgroup of ASC members who volunteer to share information on our breed’s health and genetics. Developed to use an online group discussion format, the Liaison Program is a channel for information to the Liaisons to share with their club members and community from the BreedCare programs, and for them to provide information back to the group.

Volunteer to be a Liaison
The Liaison is a volunteer who represents an ASC affiliated Cocker club in the U.S. The volunteer and the club president sign the PDF file Liaison Agreement. Agreements are for a year at a time.

International, ASC members who wish to be Liaisons in their countries, can also volunteer, using the same Agreement. If affiliated with a Cocker club (either local or national) in their country, the agreement should be co-signed by that club’s president even if not an ASC affiliated club.

The PDF file Agreement is available on this site, and each ASC affiliate club will receive an invitation to participate in the program. International ASC members can print the Agreement and postal mail it to

ASC Secretary,
30 Cardinal Loop,
Crossville, TN 38555,
or fax 931-707-8504.

Program Coordinator
Bobbie Kolehouse
2352 Linwood Dr., Stevens Point, WI 54481
(715) 341-5617
Banking On Our Future- Club Liaison Program