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Thursday, April 07, 2005
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Cocker Spaniel-Comprehensive Breed Health Survey Project


Learning what is, isnít and what could be: Reports

Award winning project part of two national conferences on canine health.

With the help of Dr. Chet Thomas, we have published reports of the first six weeks of the Cocker Spaniel-Comprehensive Breed Health Survey. Though the initial numbers are low, around 300, this first data set serves as a test to check the online survey tool, the flow of data from the data manager to Dr. Thomas, and the compilation of the reports.

PDF file View here the Cocker Spaniel-Comprehensive Breed Health Survey First Summary Report, prepared December 8, 2003

In the future...
As the project develops, it will have the technical capacity to generate comparison reports for individual dogs. An owner, using their PIN will be able to compare their own dog to the general health of Cockers as represented by this survey.

More information on this feature will be announced when it becomes available.

The ASCF Cocker SpanielóComprehensive Breed Health Survey
A first step towards a bright future for Cocker Spaniels

Advancing Breeder Resources
First summary reports will be online on the ASC website, providing the fancy with a first look at Cocker health and well-being.

Advancing International Information
Online capability provide a cost effective way for international participation. And reports can be generated to reflect the health and well-being status of Cockers by country, throughout the world.

Advancing Scientific Research
The data will provide the scientific community with potential access to the collective Cocker population.

Advancing Veterinary Education
The process of the development of this canine epidemiology project will provide case studies for the next generation of veterinary students working with companion animals.

Health Survey Project.