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The "AJ" Agility Award

AJ Agility Award

Olga K. Evelyn (Amunique) and Rosemary A. Collins (RoCol) offers The "AJ" Agility Award in memory of AMUNIQUE'S SIR AJ DONOHUE LOUIS.

A plaque displaying the likeness of the original AJ Trophy, an attached frame for the winner’s photo, $200 will be awarded to the who accumulates the highest number of championship points (MACH) on the cockers only day(s) of the agility trial held at the ASC Cocker Spaniel National.  The winning cocker will also be awarded a neck ribbon.

Qualifying points from the Standard and/or Jumpers Excellent B Classes will accumulate towards championship points (MACH).

The first “AJ” Agility Award was won Melissa Frye and Dice, who earned 110 Mach Points during the two days of the ASC Agility Trial held in Oklahoma City, July, 2007.

2007 MACH Skyrocket Spot on Or Snake Eyes MX MXJ AAD FDCH (Dice)
Melissa Frye
2008 MACH3 Tell Tail's Tri to Imagine MXF (Tanner)
Irene Barrie
2009 CH Charmary’s Just Imagine (Lidia)
Sue Thomsen/J Thomsen
2010 MACH Lady Lucy Arwen Blackmoor NF (Lucy)
R Berardino/D Machuca
2011 MACH3 Lady Lucy Arwen Blackmoor OF (Lucy)
R Berardino
2012 MACH4 Tagaboo's Windwhisper Kiss RN XF (Kisse)
Felicia Mazur
2014 K-Line's Parti Like A Rock Star AX, AXJ (Pink)
Carolyn Hess
2015 Tell-Tail's Get It In Gear CD RE MX MXJ OF (Bentley)
Stacie Baumbarger
2016 MACH Saratoga's Fire In The Hole CD RA (Raylan)
Stacie Baumbarger

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