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The Bailey Excellence In Agility Award

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Offered by Vivian Hudson in memory of MACH16 Bar-Bax's Makin' New Waves CD "Bailey". Bailey ran four perfect rounds at the December 2008 AKC Agility Invitational at the age of 13.5 years, while having been diagnosed with lymphoma one year earlier.

A beautiful crystal trophy, rosette and $100 cash is awarded to the cocker spaniel, over 7 years of age and showing in regular master level classes, that acculmulates the most points, over all days, during the ASC cocker spaniel agility trial.

Points are accumulated by adding MACH points earned and 10 points for each double qualifying score. This award is to acknowledge an older cocker spaniel who demonstrates both speed and consistency in the master level classes.

Stephanie Pickerill and MACH Oreo Punkie won the first Bailey Award at the ASC Agility Trial in Indianapolis, IN, July 2008.



2008 MACH Oreo Punkie (Oreo)
Stephanie Pickerill
2009 MACH Buttonwood's I Love Lucy (Lucy)
Martie Gurney
2010 CH MACH3 Skiboo's One Censational Night CD, RE (Millie)
Jeanne Grim DVM
2011 MACH3 Oreo Punkie RN, XF (Oreo)
Stephanie Pickerill
2012 MACH8 Anastasia My Satilla Bar-Bax (Brooke)
Vivian Hudson
2014 MACH11 Tell-Tail's All Riled Up RN, MXF, TQX, T2B (Riley)
Barbara Schuchman
2015 MACH10 Tagaboo Windwhisper Kiss RN XF T2B (Kisse)
Felicia Mazur
2016 MACH12 Tagaboo Windwhisper Kiss RN XF T2B (Kisse)
Felicia Mazur
2017 Lady-Girl AX, AXJ, OAP, OJP, XF, OFP, CGC (Lady)
Lisa Daigle

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