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Bentley Memorial Award

The Bentley Memorial Award

Established August 2016
First Awarded  

The Bentley Memorial Award was established by the American Spaniel Club, Inc. and Carolee Douglas (Kapewood’s Versatile Cocker Spaniels), to honor the achievements of
CH LaMar’s Bentley UD TD AXP AJP, the first sporting dog to win an all-breed BEST IN SHOW and multiple BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOWS while holding the titles of CDX, OA, and OAJ. The Bentley Award recognizes the versatility of the cocker spaniel that excels in conformation while holding performance titles.

The award will be given when an ASC member in good standing submits the following documentation to the Secretary of the American Spaniel Club by November 1st.

  • Copy of the dog’s AKC Registration Certificate
  • Copy of the Conformation title Certificate
  • Copy of performance title certificates
  • Proof of conformation award(s) earned after dog fulfilled performance requirements

The cocker spaniel being considered for the award must be owned/co-owned by a member(s) of ASC while the titles and awards were achieved.

The Bentley Memorial Award will be a ceramic statue of a cocker spaniel along with a $500 check.

The Bentley Memorial Award will be presented at some time during the January ASC Flushing Spaniel Show in recognition of the honor and prestige it carries.


Requirements for the award

The dog must be a conformation champion. The performance titles may be earned before the conformation championship.
The required conformation award(s) are earned while holding the performance titles.

 Acceptable Performance Titles

  • Titles in 3 areas of performance at the novice level (CD; NA/NAJ (both); TD or TDU; JH)


  • Titles in 2 areas of performance if 1 title is from an advanced level (CDX; OA/OAJ (both); TDX or VST; SH or higher). The advanced title must be from a different area than the novice title.

Acceptable Conformation Awards (must be earned after performance titles)

  • 1 All Breed Best In Show or Reserve Best in Show
  • 2 All Breed Group Placements (1-4)
  • 3 Best in Specialty Show wins
  • 1 Owner-Handled Best In Show or Reserve Best in Show
  • 2 Owner-Handled Group Placements (1-4)


 Note from Carolee Douglas:  I hope to see more Cocker Spaniels with breed championships succeeding in performance events and then going on to be shown in All-Breed and/or Specialty shows. This award is designed as bridge between performance and conformation breeders, as well as owners and exhibitors.  We are all in this together, for the betterment of our beloved breed. This award highlights the fact that the American Cocker Spaniel can indeed Do It All!

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