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ASC Flushing Spaniel Show Best in Futurity

1923 Mepal's Fortunata
Ch. Mepal's Erskine ex Mepal's Poppie
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1924 Mepal's Molinda II
Mepal's Romeo ex Pollianthus
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1925 Brookside Melody
Brookside Independence ex Ch. Brookside Brunette
Breeder/Owner: Brookside Kennels
1926 Mepal's Culzean
Wisdom ex Mepal's Fortunata
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1927 Mepal's Romany
Wisdom ex Ch. Mepal's Molinda II
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1928 Brookside Magician
Mepal's Romeo ex Brookside Amanda
Breeder/Owner: Brookside Kennels
1929 Sand Spring Sand Storm
Ch. Sand Spring Surmise ex Ch. Sand Spring Storm Cloud
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. L'Hommedieu
1930 Sand Spring Sincere
Ch. Sand Spring Surmise ex Ch. Sand Spring Smiling Through
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. L'Hommedieu
1931 Marching On
Ch. My Own Peter Manning ex My Own Vixen
Breeder: H.E. Mellenthin
Owner: Mepal Kennels
1932 Brookside Prima Donna
Ch. Cordova Cockade ex Ch. Fiamenta
Breeder/Owner: Brookside Kennels
1933 The Belle of Sparkelon
Red Brucie ex The Bell of Harrington
Breeder/Owner: C. A. Backus
1934 Mardomere First Lady
Merryfield Whirlwind ex To Kalon Bonbon
Breeder/Owner: Mardomere Kennels
1935 Mepal's Statesman
Ch Windsweep Ladysman ex Mepal’s Molinda
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1936 Fayhurst's Faith
Ch. Merry Monarch of Falconhurst ex My Own Black Betty
Breeder: S. L. Porter
Owner: Fayhurst Kennels
1937 Orthodox Brevity
Ch. My Own New Model ex Orthodox Glendye of Irolita
Breeder/Owner: W. M. Churchman
1938 Blackstone's Beguiler
Ch. Found ex Blackstone's Traitress
Breeder/Owner: Leonard J. Buck
1939 Dungarvan Precise
Ch. My Own Brucie ex Dungarvan Miss Trim
Breeder: Mrs. Francis Garvan Owner: Dungravan Kennels
1940 Chelwood Escort
Glidmere Buzz ex Chelwood Shelia
Breeder/Owner: George Goodwin
1941 Try Cob's Candidate
Glidmere Buzz ex Ch. Brightfield Delight
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. R. K. Cobb
1942 Suzette of Irolita
Ch. Blackstone Brucie ex Orthodox Heather
Breeder: Mrs. W. M. Churchman Owner: E. W. Clark
1943 Try Cob's Favorite Girl
Blackstone's Battery ex Try Cob's Susie Q
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. R. Kenneth Cobb
1944 Covered Brook Bombardier
Ch. Try Cob's Candidate ex Covered Brook Bridget
Breeder: Mrs. Arthur. F. Richardson Owner: Mrs. R. Kenneth Cobb
1945 Covered Brook Cinders
Ch. Try Cob's Candidate ex Ch. Covered Brook Brandy
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. Arthur. F. Richardson
1946 Penrock's Perfection
Ch. Covered Brook Bombardier ex Ch. Penrock's Jennifer
Breeder: Mrs. Louis Hausman
1947 Penrock's Prize Package
Ch. Nonquitt Gift to Woodlane ex Penrock's Page Girl
Breeder: Mrs. Clarence Greer
1948 Penrock's Promotion
Ch. Try Cob's Success ex Ch. Penrock Perfection
Breeder: Penrock Kennels Owner: Mrs. R. Kenneth Cobb
1949 Try-Cob's Ace High
Try-Cob’s Challenge ex Try-Cob’s Favorite Girl
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. R. Kenneth Cobb
1950 Cone Crest Collect
Pentown's Tarheel ex Ch. Essendale's Enchantment
Breeder/Owner: Dr. & Mrs. H. Douglas Mitchell
1951 Carolina Cotton Picker
Ch. Carolina Ploughboy ex Ch. Biggs' Powder Puff
Breeder/Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Hingson
1952 Norbill's Fancy Vagabond
Ch. Maddie's Vagabond's Return ex Ch. Norbill's Golden Fancy
Breeder/Owner: Norbill’s Kennel
1953 Blue Gate's Bright Future
Ch. Hickory Hill High Salute ex Bluegate’s Finishing Touch
Breeder/Owner: George Sperakis
1954 Heyday Hopscotch
Ch. St. Andrea's Medicine Man ex Ch. Ro-Val's Romance
Breeder: C. A. Smith
1955 Curtana's Golden Crusader
Ch. Gravel Hill Gold Opportunity ex Jo-Co's Golden Dawn
Breeder/Owner: Dr. & Mrs. J. Curtis Lamp
1956 Planation Lil Lou
Ch. Maddie's Vagabond's Return ex Ch. Purcell's Easter Sunday
Breeder: Mrs. Betty Schacher Owner: Mrs. Minerva Purcell
1957 Cloveridge Autumn Blaze
Ch. Wood's Without A Doubt ex Ch. Cloveridge Rippling Rhythm
Breeder/Owner: Clifford Simpson
1958 Hickory Hill High Delight
Ch. Hickory Hill High Jack ex Hickory Hill Holly
Breeder: Mrs. Robert Mauchel
1959 Clarkdale Collector's Item
Ch. Clarkdale Capital Stock ex Clarkdake Conversation Plum
Breeder: L. E. and E. Clark
1960 Imperial Crown Royal
Ch. Windjammer's Passkey ex Imperial Bill's Lil of Cradmor
Breeder: J. W. Freidlin
1961 Havercrest's For Sure (Name later changed to Sea Swing So Sure
Ch. Crackerbox Certainly ex Ch. Havercrest's Lamp Light
Breeder: E W Salyer
1962 Holly Tree Certainly A Lady
Ch. Crackerbox Certainly ex Ch. Holly Tree Lady Luck
Breeder/Owner: Mrs J. Logan
1963 Mijo's Mint Julep
Ch. Main-Dale's Mr Success ex Mijo's Midnight Lace
Breeder/Owner: P. A. Fender
1964 Tucky Ho Touch N' Go
Ch. Main-Dale's Mr Success ex Ch. Main-Dale's Silver Queen
Breeder/Owner: Mrs J. D. Figley
1965 Pounette Scioto Bluff's Sybil
Ch. Scioto Bluff's Sinbad ex Ch. Pounette Fancy Dancer
Breeder/Owner: E. B. and P. Alber
1966 Kahola's Keybitzer
Ch. Kahola's Key-Stone ex Ch. Jo-Be-Glen's Angel-Puss
Breeder/Owner: K. and W. Coppola
1967 Danroyce Newsworthy
Ch. Juniper's Just Snowed ex Ch. Golden Splendor II
Breeder/Owner: R. D. and E. Schrimpf
1968 Meri-Knol's Mardi Gras
Meri-Knol's Mr Jo-Be-Glen ex Meri-Knol's Ebony Princess
Breeder/Owner:P. A. Frisone
1969 Plantation's Easter Bonnet
Ch. Kahola's Key-Stone ex Ch. Hob-Nob-Hill's Daddy's Girl
Breeder/Owner: B. B. Schachner
1970 Upsan Downs Colleen
Ch. Burson's Blarney ex Ch. Artru Perfection
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. R. E. Grimshaw
1971 Rexpointe White Knight
Ch. Rexpointe Frostee Dutchman ex Rexpointe Firefly
Breeder/Owner: A. Swiderski
1972 Merryhaven Heritage
Ch. Hob-Nob-Hill's Tribute ex Ch. Merryhaven Amanda
Breeder/Owner: M. J. Replogle
1973 Juniper Jam A Dai
Ch. Lurola's Royal Lancer ex Juniper's Janina
Breeder/Owner: I. S. Ginsberg
1974 Castletop's High Octane
Ch. Artru Action ex Milru's Velvet Silhouette
Breeder/Owner: Z. Tice
1975 Campbell's Court Queen
Ch. Hugomar Headliner ex Ch. Campbell's Color Me Quaint
Breeder/Owner: H. W. Campbell
1976 Heyday Herald
Ch. Rinky Dink's Sir Lancelot ex Ch. Shardeloe's Selena
Breeder/Owner: C. A. Smith
1977 Windy Hill's Makes Its Point
Ch. Piner's Point of View ex Ch. Windy Hill's 'Tis Demi-Tasse
Breeder/Owner: E. T. Anselmi
1978 Prime-Time Pistol Packin' Mama
Ch. Mi'Way Brass Button ex Donn Carm's Running Dear
Breeder/Owner: M. A. Fink
1979 Oceanflight's Fancy Dancer
Ch. Bobwin's Sir Ashley ex Ch. Dayglos Misty Love
Breeder: S. A. Gibson Owner: L. Cannon and S. A. Gibson
1980 Wib's Winter Delight
Ch. Forjay's Winterwood ex Ch. Wib's Society Rose
Breeder: W. Helmick Owner: P. Nall and W. Helmick
1981 Triannon's Wilma P
Ch. Rexpointe Top Banana ex Triannon's Tribaby
Breeder: W. Parker Owner: J. M. Green
1982 Kamps' Kind-A-Special
Ch. Frandee's Bill Of Rights ex Ch. Kamps' Kountry Kiss
Breeder: H. Kamps Owner: R. and B. Swing
1983 Brentwood Heavenly Rose
Ch. Wind Chimes Gold N'Bold ex Ch. Artru Stairway To Heaven
Breeder/Owner: D. Godek
1984 Debonaire D'Art
Ch. Dreamridge Democrat ex Debonaire Dedra
Breeder/Owner: D. Bowman
1985 Sugarbrook Rosie O'Shannon
Breeder: C. Born and M. Manhart Owner: J. Shannon
1986 Piner's Exclusive
Ch. Piner's Polo ex Piner's The Brat
Breeder/Owner: E. and D. Piner
1987 Hi Bred's Head over Heals
Ch. Glen Arden's Ace De Ha-Bar ex Muffy's Winter Romance
Breeder/Owner: S. Calvert
1988 Snowy River's Twenty-Four Carat
Ch. Palm Hill Caro-Bu's Solid Gold ex Ch. Kaplar's Klaim To Fame, CD
Breeder/Owner: B. and V. Cohen
1989 Cin-Dee's Double Dip
Ch. Cin-Dee's Knight Lights ex Ch. South Paws' My Little Margie
Breeder/Owner: C. Lane
1990 Heartstone Hullabaloo
Ch. Meri-Mar's Gingerbread Man ex Ch. Rejoices Irish Hearts O'Fire
Breeder: R. Piazza and L. Gallant Owner: B. Willis and L. Gallant
1991 Jac-E-Dee's Lady Jessalyn
Ch. Windy Hill's The Senator ex Ch. Lipton's Living Proof
Breeder/Owner: J. Downing
1992 Hi Bred Wind Beneath My Wings
Ch. Crazy Q's What A Joke ex Ch. Hibred's Head Over Heals
Breeder: S. Calvert Owner: S. Calvert and M. James
1993 Darkehaven's Dream of Me
Ch. Glenmurray's Solid Black ex Ch. Sham-O-Jet's Remember Me
Breeder/Owner: P. Darke
1994 Rendition Triple Play
Ch. Empire's Brooklyn Dodger ex Ch. Derano's Desilu
Breeder/Owner: B. Berg
1995 Homespun's HappyJack
Ch. My-Ida-Ho Showdown ex Ch. Homespun's Mercy Me
Breeder/Owner: C. Bennett
1996 Madde's Big Hit
Ch. Empire's Brooklyn Dodger ex Kozy Oaks Careless Talk
Breeder: D. Bell-Dolan and M. Dolan Owner: C. Harper
1997 Jaywyck's Idle Tyme
Ch. Makkell's Matinee Idol ex Ch. Jaywyck's Tyme To Dream
Breeder/Owner: J. Wick Klepp
1998 La Jenn Medicine Woman Tsitisistas
Ch. La-Shay's Bart Simpson ex Ch. Hi-Acre's Cheyenne
Breeder/Owner: V. Lamotte Jennings
1999 Mario N Somerset's Sportster
Ch. Somerset's Wake Up Call ex Mario's Makes Her Mark
Breeder: P. and M, Ragusa
Owner: L. Ferland, P. and M. Ragusa
2000 Darkehaven's Fire and Ice
Ch. Darkehaven's Apple Of My Eye ex Darkehaven's Hot To Trot
Breeder: P. Darke, C. Ney and K. Flinn Owner: P Darke and R. Vaughan
2001 Ka-Ron's N Roadshow No Regrets
Ch. Roadshow-N-Legacee Obsession ex Ch. Ka-Ron's Jessica
Breeder: K. Smith and S. Garvin Owner: K. and R. Smith
2002 Foley's Hot Chili Pepper
Ch. Darkehaven's Private Eye ex Ch. Foley's Always Salsa Dancin'
Breeder/Owner: N. Foley
2003 Bow-K's Sit'n Pretty
Ch. My-Ida-Ho Look N' Gorgeous ex Ch. My-Ida-Ho Look'n For Trouble
Breeder: L. Bowers Owner: S. Bell and L. Bowers
2004 Lydgate Latest Fashion
Ch. Tis Day's Lydgate Legal Issue ex Ch. Lydgate Love My Style
Breeder: D. Knight and P. Tewksbury Owner: L. Donaldson and Il Gyu Cho
2005 Buttonwood's Gypsy Flame
Ch. Overoak Rising Son ex Ch. Buttonwood's England's Rose
Breeder/Owner: Catherine Lynch Carey
2006 Lydgate Rise N' Shine
Ch. Overoak Rising Son ex Ch. Lydgate Looks So Fine
Breeder/Owner: Deborah R. Knight
2007 Cutts Island Honky Tonk Woman
Ch. K-Line N Cutts Beyond-A-Doubt ex Ch. Bricketts Woman of The Night.
Breeder: Ginny & Joe Russell & Barbara & Gene Brickett Owner: Mark Steffen & Randy Price
2008 San Jo's Show Biz
Ch. San Jo's Born To Win ex Ch. San Jo's A Christmas Carole,CD,OA,AXJ.
Breeder/Owner: Sandra Bell
2009 Trinity's Sunshine Rose
Ch. Overoak Rising Son ex Ch. Trinity's Shine Your Light.
Breeder: Susan M. Gray Owner: Susan M. Gray & Wendy E. Shepard
2010 Jems Unanimous Decision
Ch. San Jo's Split Decision ex Ch. Jems Makin' A Splash
Breeder/Owner: Joann R. Stamm
2011 PBJ'S Tri N Catch Me
Ch. Terje's Titanium ex B-Mac N PBJ Material Girl
Breeder/Owner: Beate & Jamey Pruitt
2012 Showstar's Spectacular Spirit
CH Lydgate's Latin Lover ex CH Che-Lee's Licorice Drop
Breeder/Owner: Victor Rosado
2013 Sunshine Micadee’s You Can’t Handle Me
GrCH Foley’s Twenty Four ex Ch Sunshine N Micadee’s I Believe In Miracles
Breeder/Owner: Diane Nelson & Michael Asbil
2014 Mar-K’s Hot N Spicey
Gr CH Mario N Beechwood’s Midnight Express ex Gr CH  Mar-K Posh Spice
Breeder/ Owner:  Mark J. Ragusa & Marlene Ness
2015 Epic Sanctimonious Socialite
GCH Kimbar-Picabo Tan Dancer ex GCH Lydgate Lady Of The Night
Breeder: James R Davis



All of the ballots regarding the proposed changes to the Cocker Spaniel Breed Standard have been counted. The only proposed change that passed was to add the disqualification for blue eyes or blue specks in the eye.  The results are as follows:


BALLOT 1: Proposed change to include disqualification for blue eyes:

Number of ballots returned 710

Invalid ballots 2

Total number of valid ballots 708


Number required to pass (2/3s) 472


Number of Yes votes 512 (72.32%)


Number of No votes 196 (27.68%)


This proposed change passed.


BALLOT 2: Proposed change to include undocked tails:


Number of ballots returned 708


Invalid ballots 2


Total number of valid ballots 706


Number required to pass (2/3s) 471


Number of Yes votes 324 (45. 89%)


Number of No votes 382 (54.11%)


This proposed change did not pass.


BALLOT 3: Proposed change to include solid sable:


Number of ballots returned 709


Invalid ballots 2


Total number of valid ballots 707


Number required to pass (2/3s) 471


Number of Yes votes 337 (47. 67%)


Number of No votes 370 (52.33%)


This proposed change did not pass.


BALLOT 4: Proposed change to include parti-color sable:


Number of ballots returned 706


Invalid ballots 2


Total number of valid ballots 704


Number required to pass (2/3s) 469


Number of Yes votes 336 (47. 73%)


Number of No votes 368 (52.27%)


This proposed change did not pass.


This has been a thoughtful, vigorously debated, and sometimes contentious process, but the membership has spoken. For the good of ASC and the love of our breed, I hope, and I think we will, all move forward together.


Linda Moore 



Earlier the National Nominating Committee presented the following nominees to serve 2-year terms (1-18 to 1-20) as officers of the club.:


President — Diane Kepley 

1st VP — Julie Virosteck 

2nd VP — Kathy Egeland-Brock


Now the Zone Nominating Committees have finished their work and are nominating the following individuals to serve as Directors and Alternates for 2-Year terms (1-18 until 1-20).


Zone 1 

Director — Stacy Dobmeier; Alternate — Vivian Hudson


Zone 2

Director — Dale Ward; Alternate — Karin Linde Klerholm


Zone 3

Director — Bonnie Buell; Alternate — Lisa Arnett


Zone 4

Director — Linda McLean; Alternate — Lane Tarantino 


Zone 5

Director — Alan Santos; Alternate — DeAnn Jepson


Any members who were not nominated by these committees may run by petition received by the Secretary on or before November 15th. Requirements for the petitions are contained in Article IV, Section 2 of the bylaws found on the ASC website under Documents.


Just a reminder that the ASC Board is soliciting member input prior to taking action on the proposed bylaw changes. The 30 day comment period ends on October 28, 2017.

Please post any comments or questions to the ASC Yahoo List or send your comments to me, Tony Stallard, privately if you so desire. a4r4s4@aol.com 


***** FLUSHING SPANIEL SHOW 2018 U P D A T E *****

Due to unforeseen delays with the building improvement construction, the Knoxville Exhibition Center will not be ready in time for our January show. Therefore, we will move the show to the Jacob Building at Chilhowee Park (2201 E. Magnolia Avenue, Knoxville).

The venue is a short 5 ½ miles (approximately 10 min.) drive from the Holiday Inn. The Knoxville Convention Center team has committed to making this unexpected transition as seamless as possible. We are working with Visit Knoxville (Convention & Visitors Bureau) to provide shuttle service for our members and guests to/from the Holiday Inn and the show venue.

More information will be available shortly as the Show Committee works on the logistics of the Show.  For now, we recommend that everyone who has reservations at the Holiday Inn, KEEP them. The few motels located by the facility are not recommended by the KCC or Chilhowee Park management. However, if you would like to cancel your reservation, please DO NOT call the Holiday Inn.  Please contact Jane Williams.  We have a waiting list for rooms and we need to facilitate the room change or the room will go back to general hotel inventory. 

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