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National Best In Futurity

ASC Cocker Spaniel National Specialty Futurity Winners
(Researched by Tammy Stiller)

1977 Butch's Kissin' Cousin
Ch. Shannondale Safari ex Ch. Heyday Ducat
Breeder: W. and R. Thompson
(Junior Futurity)
1977 Frandee's Celebration
Ch. Frandee's Declaration ex Ch. Frandee's Susan
Breeder: Mr. and Mrs. F Wood
(Senior Futurity)
1978 Cobb's Honey Jam
Ch. Artru Skyjack ex Ch. Cobb's Hush Honey
Breeder: C. Cobb
1979 Homestead's Ragtime Cowboy
Ch. Rexpointe Flying Dutchman ex Femme Fatale's Flirtatious
Breeder: B. and M. Rickertsen
1980 Amere Lone Star
Ch. Alorah's En Garde ex Ch. Shenanigans of Amere Lass
Breeder/Owner: M. and D. Adams
1981 Shenanigans O'Luvaduck
Ch. Shenanigans O'Balderdash ex Ch. Shenanigans On Monday
Breeder: G. Gerhardt Owner: J. Garrison, G. Gerhardt
1982 Tamburlaine's Geisha Girl
Ch. Lanel's Cinner-Man ex Ch. Tamburlaine's China Doll
Breeder/Owner: P. Ramb
1983 Marquis Super Dome
Ch. Denzil's Super Daddy ex Marquis La Pistola
Breeder/Owner: K. Marquez
1984 Saratoga's Partial Eclipse
Ch. Lipton's Cruisin' For A Bruisin' ex Typam Country Bumpkin
Breeder: S. Carter, J. Stallard Owner: J. and A. Stallard
1985 Grisard Gymanastic Gold
Ch. Grisard Initial Silvershot ex Ch. Prime Time Crystal Pistol
Breeder: B. Barham Owner: B. Barham, S. & L. Picou
1986 Yerly's Turn Me Loose
Ch. J-Don's XTC ex Ch. Yerly's Tribute to Altamira
Breeder/Owner: D. Yerly
1987 Northyork Midnite Delite
Ch. Caribee's Regal Connection ex Ch. Northyork Mia's Delight
Breeder/Owner: K. Wubbels
1988 Kaplar's Glamour Kat
Ch. Must-Do's Matador ex Ch. Kaplar's Jelico Kat
Breeder: L. Henson, D. Mustard Owner: L. Henson
1989 Cashmere's Amazing Grace
Ch. Must-Do's Matador ex Ch. Tamra's All That Glitters
Breeder: L. and E. Mcloughlin Owner: J. Zolezzi, L. Mcloughlin, D. Bertrand
1990 Empire's Brooklyn Dodger
Ch. Terje's Thunderbolt ex Harlanhaven's Heavenly Bliss
Breeder: K. and G. Baker Owner: J. Wright
1991 Seenar's Fancy Snow Petticoat
Ch. Homestead's Sirius Star Maker ex Ch. Seenar's Sparkling Snow
Breeder/Owner: R. Miller
1992 Homespun's Mercy Me
Ch. Empire's Brooklyn Dodger ex Ch. Ju-Mar's Jeepers I'm Broke
Breeder/Owner: C. Bennett
1993 Homespun's Geez Louise
Ch. Suric's Devil in Disguise ex Ch. My-Ida-Ho Diamond Ida
Breeder: C. Bennett Owner: W. Brandt
1994 Kenara's Secret Prodigy
Ch. Regal's Salute to the Clown ex Ch. Saratoga's Secret Liaison
Breeder: B. Blum Owner: L. and B. Mikel
1995 Kaplar's Prince of Tides
Ch. Silverhall Soldier of Fortune ex Ch. Kaplar's Temptation Eyes
Breede/Owner: L. and L. Henson
1996 Northyork Handcrafted
Ch. Northyork Tail Light ex Ch. Northyork Witchcraft
Breeder/Owner: K. Wubbels
1997 Madde's Belle of the Ball Game
Ch. Empire's Brooklyn Dodger ex Ch. Madde's I'll Do It My Way
Breeder/Owner: D. Bell-Dolan, M. Dolan
1998 Dazlin So Excited
Ch. Shalimar's Imperator ex Ch. Dazlin Butterfly Dance
Breeder: B. Buss Owner: D. Shaw, B. Buss
1999 Ashwood's Ticket to Ride
Ch. R-Classi Ride the Rail ex Ch. Ashwood's Cheap Thrills
Breeder/Owner: G. White Jones
2000 Gold Coast All That Pizzazz
Ch. Kim-Mar's Gold Standard ex Ch. Gold Coast Blaze of Glory
Breeder: B. Wagner Owner: D. Jurkiewicz
2001 Swathrun's Birbante Daytripper
Ch. Sweetheart's Space Jam X Ch. Laurent's Thrilling Daytripper
Breeder: L. Guerrini, L. Robinson Owner: D. Goldfein, J. Bauscher, S. Dixon
2002 JNB's Magic Wand
Ch. Krismyth's Command Performance ex Ch. JNB's Remember the Magic
Breeder: J. Demaranville, B. Addleman, K. Ahlquist Owner: K. Ahlquist, L. Beeson
2003 The Villa's Monkey Business
Ch. Darkehaven Apple of My Eye ex Ch. Sugarplum Spirit of the Dance
Breeder/Owner: S. Daggett
2004 Darkehaven Nitaby F B Eye
Ch Darkehaven's Eye Spy ex Ch Darkehaven's Hot Flash
Breeder: Patricia Darke & Robert Vaughan Owners: Patricia Darke & Mary Walker Smith
2005 Karon N Roadshow Maid No Regrets
Ch. Ka-Ron N Roadshow No Regrets ex Ch. Legacee's Custom Maid
Breeder: Ron & Kathryn Smith & Sandy Garvin Owners: Ron & Kathryn Smith
2006 Saratoga's Unfinished Business
Ch. Kenara's No Illusion ex Ch. Amunique's Rhythm Nation
Breeder/Owner: Tony & Joan Stallard
2007 Conquest Legend of the West
Ch. San Jo's Born to Win ex Ch. My-Ida-Ho Just B N Gorgeous
Breeder/Owner: Mariecel Torres-Young
2008 Somerset's Sweeten The Pot
Ch. Coldry’s Sweet Seduction ex Ch. Somerset’s High D’ Ho
Breeder/Owner: Laurie Ferland
2009 PBJ'S Black Velvet Seduction
Ch. Island-N-Sh-Bar's Ace In The Hole ex B-Mac's Black Lady Bug
Breeder: Beate Pruitt Owners: Beate Pruitt and Megan Pruitt
2010 Gallant Oh Lydia Of The Circus
Ch. Hartlines True To Bear ex Ch. Gallant Win-A-Latte
Breeder/Owner: Nancy Gallant & Lisa Arnett
2011 Terje Exls Seduction In Lace
Ch. Coldry's Sweet Seduction ex Ch. Exl's Leather N Lace
Breeder/Owner: Sandra Knaus & Jeff Wright
2012 Dalin's Written in the Stars
Ch. Clovercreek's Never Say Never ex Ch. Dalin's Drumlin Drama Queen
Breeder: Linda Donaldson/ Tonya Higdon Owners:Linda & David Donaldson
2013 Jems Going For The Knockout
Ch San Jo’s Split Decision ex Ch Jems Makin A Splash
Breeder/Owner: Joann Stamm
2014 Peri's Phoenix
Ch Terje's Titanium ex Ch Terje's Breaking Dawn
Breeder: Per Rismyhr  Owner: Regina Beinhauer
 2015 Clearwood Silhoutte Speed Of Light
CH Sweetheart's Space Jam ex CH Somerset's Sweeten The Pot
Breeder: Linda Pitts & Laurie Ferland  Owner: Motoei Furukawa


If you're wondering about the steps the Purina Event Center is taking to keep your dog safe from the flu, you can read their protocol below and do your part as well.
Purina Farms Canine Influenza Virus (H3N2) Protocol
We have started to receive an influx of questions about canine flu lately, and this document is in an effort to accurately convey the facts about the virus and to outline our prevention protocol. The Canine Influenza Virus is highly contagious and the symptoms are similar to tracheobronchitis (kennel cough), however, the cough produced by the flu virus is often soft and moist. Ranging from mild to severe, H3N2 flu starts as an upper-respiratory illness depicted by a persistent cough, clear nasal discharge and low-grade fever combined with lethargy and reduced appetite.
An H3N2 infected dog is most contagious during the two- to four-day incubation period when they are shedding the virus in nasal secretions but not showing signs of illness. (Virtually all dogs exposed to the virus become infected; 80 percent of dogs develop a flu. like illness and the 20 percent that do not become sick can still spread the virus to other dogs.) Sick dogs showing signs of respiratory illness should be separated from other dogs for two weeks. Regarding transmission: A sick dog transmits the virus to another dog through saliva, coughing and sneezing, contaminated objects such as food and water bowls, toys, collars, and leashes, and by people moving between infected and uninfected dogs.  Purina Farms consulted with a veterinarian on our internal advisory council whose area of active research is infectious diseases and his recommendation, along with recommendations set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association (see below), helped establish our protocol:
- We routinely disinfect all surfaces. We clean using a bleach solution at a 1 to 30 dilution as the virus can survive up to 48 hours on hard surfaces
- Staff have been instructed to wash with soap and water often when coming into contact with dogs or items that may have dog feces, urine, saliva or blood.
- Staff wash their uniforms every night since the virus can live on clothing for up to 12 hours
- Purina Farms also uses disinfectants like Wysiwash and Oxyquat, which are pet-friendly solutions that help kill bacteria, viruses and fungi including parvo. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility as an extra precautionary measure
- We do not provide community water bowls and would recommend no sharing of bowls in general
- We request that all clinically ill dogs as well as those with concerning symptoms not attend events on the property
- We encourage exhibitors to have their dogs vaccinated for H3N2 to lessen the signs.  There is a vaccine for this strain and it is a 2 shot series (one shot and then a booster 3-4 weeks later). This vaccine is not the same as the H3N8 vaccine.
What we recommend exhibitors do to prevent contracting this and/or spreading the virus:
- Dogs should avoid nose to nose contact with other dogs and no shared drinking bowls
- Avoid using the off-leash exercise area where dogs come into contact with each other
- Consider getting the 2-series vaccine for H3N2
- Use hand sanitizer available throughout the building & wash hands w/ soap & water often