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K-Line N Cutts Beyond-A-Doubt

Prefix: CH
Dog Name: K-Line N Cutts Beyond-A-Doubt
Owner(s): Mark Steffen and Randy Price
Awards: LOMX-HT
Additional Award(s):
First Inducted: 2010
Variety: ASCOB
Color: Brown
AKC #: SN855952/02
Date Of Birth: (Y-M-D) 2001-08-18
Sex: Male
Sire: CH K-Line's Shadow-Of-A-Doubt LOM-HT
Dam: CH K-Line's Melody Of Love LOM-HT
Breeder(s): Judi Kline
Progeny at submission: CH Cutts Island Fleetwood Mac
CH Glen Royal's Stormy Weather
CH Glen Royal's Knight To Remember
CH Mardi Gras La Dolce Vita
CH Mardi Gras Enchanted Evening
CH Seaview Say Goodnight Johnboy
CH Seaview Cutts N Mtp Tis No Doubt
CH Seaview N Cutts Good Day Sunshine
CH Seaview N Cutts Here Comes The Sun
CH Glen Royal's Ringleader
CH Glen Royal's Dare Devil
CH Woodside Beyond A Doubt Miss Wang
CH Mem's Without Doubt
CH Cutts Island Ticket To Ride
CH Cutts Island Let It Be
CH Apple Hill's Pinata
CH Apple Hill's Mr. President
CH Apple Hill's Baldwin
CH Cocoas Dancin In My Dreams
CH Cocoas Undoubtably Good
GCH Cutts Island Boston Bruin
CH Cocoas Shadow Of The Night
CH Cocoas Beyond The Light
CH Tsunami's Beyond The Limit
CH Tsunami's Beyond Top Secret
CH Marshen's R Noth'In But Trouble
CH Marshen's Noth'in Better To Do
CH Marshen's Ain't Seen Noth'In Yet
CH Legacee's No Doubt A Vegas Showmann
CH Gaelic's Gem Of A Dream
CH Mario's No Doubt
CH Be-Fit's Single But Doubting It
CH Hyer Luv's Mocca Java
CH Hyer Luv's Don't Doubt Dis
CH Brickett's Hyerluv Double Doubt
CH Brickett's Woman In Charge
CH Cutts Island The Cowboy In Me
CH Jems Dream Catcher
CH Jems Never A Doubt
GCH Shaman's No Doubt About It
CH Carte's Harry Potter
CH Brickett N Carte It's Beyond Me
CH Gaelic N Cutts What Women Want
CH Brickett's Woman On A Mission
CH Cutts Island Honky Tonk Woman
CH Brickett's Beyond The Stars
CH Brickett's When In Doubt
CH Tray-Jo's Play'n In The Garden
CH Cutts Island One Hot Cocoa
CH Cocoa 'N Cc's It's About Time
CH Lcjems Don't Doubt Me
CH Cutts Island Kittery Konfection
CH Amunique's Blue Chip At Silverhall
CH Silverhall Santana
CH K-Line's Beyond The Stars RN
CH Cutts Island Black Diamond
CH Juniper's J-Lo
CH Silverhall Seventh Heaven ROM
CH Cocoas Don't Doubt Me
CH Cocoas Not Your Average Joe
CH Cocoas No Doubt About It
Gaelic's Don't Doubt The Dream MX, MXJ, OAP, OJP, XF
Keebler VII NAP, NJP
K-Line N Cutts Beyond-A-Doubt

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