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Javalin's Get Pop'N

Dog Name: Javalin's Get Pop'N
Owner(s): Jackie Cavallin
Awards: ROM-HT
Additional Award(s):
First Inducted: 2010
Variety: Parti

Black & White

AKC #: SN824943/01
Date Of Birth: (Y-M-D) 2001-03-07
Sex: Female
Sire: CH Triway Pop Fly
Dam: Quasar Javalin's Get Over It LOM
Breeder(s): Jackie Cavallin
Progeny at submission:
CH Javalin's Perfect Game
CH Javalin's Lead Off Man
CH Javalin's High and Tight
CH Javalin's Hot Corner
CH Javalin's Nail Down
CH Javalin's Around The Horn
CH Javalin's Suicide Squeeze
CH Javalin's The Big Chill
CH Javalin's Flash Freeze
CH Javalin's Popsicle
CH Javalin's Cold Fusion
Javalin's Get Pop'N

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