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Betty DudingInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001
For contribution to the breed

The couple from Candylane have been dedicated to the Cocker Spaniel for a long time. During her college days Betty apprenticed at Ruth Kraeuchi's Silver Maple Farm in St. Louis. This had to be a learning experience of a lifetime as Ruth and her husband Lee were where it was at as far as cockers were concerned in the mid west. Norman Austin was another graduate of the Silver Maple finishing school so you get the picture of Betty's early cocker education.

As breeders, the Dudings specialized in particolors but had success in buffs as well. There were many champions in a limited program the most enduring most likely were Ch. Candyland Cadet and Ch. Candylane Cosmopolitan representing the two varieties that the Dudings dedicated themselves to in their breeding days.

To a cocker person a win under either Dick or Betty is a meaningful one. Betty particularly has been known to launch exciting puppies over some of the more mature specimens when they deserve it and most cocker people are anxious to get their hopefuls out in her ring. Dick has a take charge style which leaves no surprises in the fact that he wants the total picture in a dog.

As editor in chief, Betty was instrumental in getting the 1976 American Cocker Spaniel book published. She was also a longtime chair of the Standard Committee. The Dudings judge more than just cockers and are sought after both as judges and as instructors at judging seminars.

This couple's ongoing pursuit of better Cocker Spaniels earns them a place with our breed's finest.

Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner, ASC Archival Work Group

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