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Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is established to set a standard of acceptable behavioral limits for American Spaniel Club members. The code is designed to protect the interest of the club and to protect and preserve our breeds. The American Spaniel Club expects adherence to the Code and blatant disregard for the standards set out in this Code will not be condoned. Members who violate their responsibilities will be removed from the Club to preserve the integrity of the club their breeds.


A. Members of the American Spaniel Club have an obligation to protect the interests of their breeds by conducting themselves in a manner designed to reflect credit on themselves, their breeds, and on the American Spaniel Club.

B. Members are expected to observe the highest standards of sportsmanship; conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect positively on the sport of showing dogs; and exhibit good will at all breed shows, obedience and field trials.

C. Members who contemplate breeding a litter, or who allow the use of their stud dog to the same end, shall direct their efforts toward producing dogs of exceptional quality, temperament and condition. Members are not to use their stud dogs on pet quality bitches, totally lacking in breed type.

D. Members shall not engage in false or misleading advertising or misrepresentation of their breeds, nor shall they malign their competition by making false or misleading statements regarding their competitors' dogs, breeding practice or person.


Breeders shall:
A. Be familiar with their breeds and standards, and breed only those specimens which conform to it.

B. Be familiar with A.K.C. rules concerning record keeping, registration, sale and transfer of dogs, and abide by these rules.

C. Use for breeding only those dogs which are healthy and free from serious congenital and hereditary defects characteristic of their breed or breeds.

D. Produce puppies only when the breeder has the time and facilities to provide adequate attention to physical and emotional development and retain or house only the number of dogs for which they have adequate facilities.

E. Refrain from further use of a bitch or stud that has become affected with or has produced any serious inherited defects detrimental to the animal's well-being, such as blindness, deafness, lameness, or impairment of the vital functions, and who consistently produces like results with different mating partners.

F. Maintain the best possible standards of health for their animals and care of their kennels.

G. Breeders shall not breed bitches every season. (It is recommended a bitch not be bred more than four times during a lifetime).

H. Refrain from selling puppies to pet shops either outright or on consignment; refrain from supplying puppies for auctions, raffles, or other such enterprises; refrain from selling to persons whose intention to resell is known or suspected; refrain from breeding litters primarily for the pet market.

I. Limit the number of litters they breed, or co-breed, to average no more than four litters a year. (This, due to the extreme number of litters being produced and the large number of dogs ending up in animal shelters).

J. Refrain from selling puppies in litter lots and shall sell only quality dogs to foreign countries (not their cast-offs that they don't want to be seen in the U.S.A.)


ASC Member
A. Judges shall be familiar with and abide by the A.K.C.'s published "Guidelines for Dog Show Judges", the A.S.C.'s By-Laws and Code of Ethics.

B. The A.K.C.'s published "Guidelines for Dog Show Judges", covers a wealth of material, but the three keys to excellence in judging are of vital importance.

These are:
1. Breed Knowledge
2. Impartiality
3. Procedure

C. Judges must avoid any appearance of wrong doing and not merely wrong doing itself. They should be highly circumspect in their conduct outside, as well as inside the show ring. A perfectly innocent action or discussion can be misconstrued even by experienced exhibitors.

D. Judges should approach all assignments with a positive attitude and be courteous and polite to the exhibitors.


Exhibitors/Handlers shall:
A. Act professionally at all times in caring for and exhibiting any dog in their charge.

B. Not engage in any questionable contact with judges prior to exhibiting under them.

C. Be familiar with and abide by the A.K.C.'s Rules and Regulations for Dog Shows, Obedience Trials, Field Trials and The Guidelines for Dog Show Judges.

D. Exhibit/handle only those dogs that conform as closely as possible to their respective breed standards.


A. The American Spaniel Club shall enforce Article VI of its By-Laws entitled "Discipline", should violations of its Code of Ethics be brought before its Board or Committee.

B. Article VI entitled "Discipline" addresses the areas of Suspension, Charges, Board Hearings and Expulsion. Each member is expected to be familiar with this very important By-law.


Upon acceptance as a member of the American Spaniel Club I will adhere to the best of my ability to the rules and guidelines set forth in the American Spaniel Club Code of Ethics.

The following PDF document is intended as Guidelines for determining what is conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the American Spaniel Club or breed under the A.S.C. By-Laws Article VI on Discipline.

PDF fileGuidelines

Take the surveyUPenn Survey 

January 9, 2018


ASC received this request from the University of Pennsylvania regarding its Diabetes Program.  Please click on the link and take the survey. 







Dear Officers, Board, and Chairs of the American Spaniel Club,

I am writing to ask for your help with Dr. Hess and my research project at the University of Pennsylvania veterinary school. We need many thousands of dog owners to complete our short 5 minute online survey (details included in the link) at:



Any and ALL dog owners can complete the survey, regardless of health status and whether the dog has diabetes.

We were wondering if you would be able to extend this survey to your members (via email to group lists) and/or post the link onto your website. Posting and sharing our link on social media is strongly encouraged to reach the general dog owner population (and Cocker Spaniels across America!). We have been fortunate enough to receive support from the AKC and other breed clubs, whom are promoting the survey to their members and on their websites.

Every dog is valuable to this study and your assistance would be immensely appreciated by us (and dogs alike!). Please let me know if you can help. Thank you very much!

- Dr. Stephen Cai and Dr. Rebecka Hess

Stephen Cai
Internal Medicine Resident
University of Pennsylvania

Appointment Desk: (215)-746-VETS

Emergency Room: (215)-746-V911

Pharmacy: (215) 898-7881


Thank you! 




Board nominees to serve 2-year terms 

Earlier the National Nominating Committee presented the following nominees to serve 2-year terms (1-18 to 1-20) as officers of the club.:



President — Diane Kepley 

1st VP — Julie Virosteck 

2nd VP — Kathy Egeland-Brock


Now the Zone Nominating Committees have finished their work and are nominating the following individuals to serve as Directors and Alternates for 2-Year terms (1-18 until 1-20).


Zone 1 

Director — Stacy Dobmeier; Alternate — Vivian Hudson


Zone 2

Director — Dale Ward; Alternate — Karin Linde Klerholm


Zone 3

Director — Bonnie Buell; Alternate — Lisa Arnett


Zone 4

Director — Linda McLean; Alternate — Lane Tarantino 


Zone 5

Director — Alan Santos; Alternate — DeAnn Jepson


Any members who were not nominated by these committees may run by petition received by the Secretary on or before November 15th. Requirements for the petitions are contained in Article IV, Section 2 of the bylaws found on the ASC website under Documents.



***** FLUSHING SPANIEL SHOW 2018 U P D A T E *****

Due to unforeseen delays with the building improvement construction, the Knoxville Exhibition Center will not be ready in time for our January show. Therefore, we will move the show to the Jacob Building at Chilhowee Park (2201 E. Magnolia Avenue, Knoxville).

The venue is a short 5 ½ miles (approximately 10 min.) drive from the Holiday Inn. The Knoxville Convention Center team has committed to making this unexpected transition as seamless as possible. We are working with Visit Knoxville (Convention & Visitors Bureau) to provide shuttle service for our members and guests to/from the Holiday Inn and the show venue.

More information will be available shortly as the Show Committee works on the logistics of the Show.  For now, we recommend that everyone who has reservations at the Holiday Inn, KEEP them. The few motels located by the facility are not recommended by the KCC or Chilhowee Park management. However, if you would like to cancel your reservation, please DO NOT call the Holiday Inn.  Please contact Jane Williams.  We have a waiting list for rooms and we need to facilitate the room change or the room will go back to general hotel inventory. 

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