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Dr. Frances GreerInducted into the Hall of Fame Jan 6, 1995
For Service to the Organization post 1950

Frances' total commitment to the Cocker Spaniel serves as an inspiration to fanciers of the present and of the future. She was born in 1918 and left us too soon in 1993. As the editor of the ASC Centennial Books, which won a Dog Writer’s Award, she left ASC a great legacy. Her scientific background coupled with tremendous enthusiasm for dogs and their history served to light the catacombs of cocker history. Her study on Ch. Obo II and his many breedings contributed to the understanding of how the first major cocker stud dog disseminated his type and color background to the breed.

In collaboration with Norman Austin, Frances was a diehard in promoting tri-color and brown Cocker Spaniels. Her Ch. Baliwick Brass Lights was the first specialty winning tri-color who made the fancy very aware of this coloring. Ch. Moderna's Brown Derby blazed a trail for brown cockers and brought them much recognition as having potential for real breed type.

Frances additionally wrote a number of invaluable books on cocker history and for a time with Norman published a cocker magazine, Cocker Spaniel International, that today is a true collectible.

Her extraordinary scholarship and ability to convey it to others earned Dr. Frances Greer her place in the ASC Hall of Fame.

Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner, ASC Archival Workgroup

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