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Elizabeth Durland2004 Hall of Fame Nomination
Service to the Organization

Her pivotal role in the development of the ASC Health Registry and her active commitment to its implementation by the fancy and the ASC membership distinguish her for meritorious service recognition.

As a founding member of the ASC Hereditary and Congenital Defects Committee (HCDC), Betty spearheaded the organization’s efforts to identify and define the types and scope of inherited defects in the cocker spaniel, beginning with cataract, progressive retinal atrophy, Factor X deficiency, and hip dysplasia. As the first Chair of the Health Registry, she, with the able assistance of Health Registrar Alice Ewing, accomplished the publication of the first Health Registry in April 1976. With Alice as Registrar for the first 10 years and Judith Wright for the next 8 years, Betty energetically facilitated the collation, publication, and distribution of the Annual Health Registry. A tireless and outspoken proponent of genetic disease testing, she promoted the exchange of information about these defects among breeders so that all cockers-not just hers-could benefit. As a prominent successful cocker breeder for over 40 years, finishing 98 champions under the Dur-Bet, Reg., prefix, Betty had the credibility and tenacity to promote the acceptance of the Health Registry by the fancy. When its leadership responsibilities were passed to Judy Iby and Tina Turner in 1994, the Health Registry was-and remains-a dynamic and respected resource for Cocker Spaniel breeders and owners. For this the ASC owes Betty Durland and her registrars a debt of acknowledgement and gratitude.

In addition to the Health Registry, Betty’s involvement with the HCDC included the development of educational publications for the fancy, explaining in understandable terms what these defects are and how they could be identified. In April 1986 she co-authored the ASC publication, Guidelines for Breeding and Purchasing Cocker Spaniels.

During the middle of her tenure as Health Chair, Betty energetically served the ASC further as a Board member for 3 terms (1984-1990) and as the Show Chair of the 1986 summer National in Syracuse.

In short, Betty’s contributions to the American Spaniel Club transcend mere service to the organization; her legacy is the American Spaniel Club’s ongoing commitment to the health of the breed she loves. Elizabeth H. Durland was inducted into the ASC Hall of Fame in 2004.

ASC Archival Work Group, Thomas J. Kern, DVM

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