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Ella Borland Moffit

Ella MoffitInducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997
For contribution to the breed prior to 1950

Ella Borland Moffit (1889-1945) bred and exhibited her cockers under the Rowcliffe prefix. While she produced conformation dogs of merit her interest in the cocker spaniel as a multipurpose dog is to be noted. Ella was one of the very first women who did field work with her spaniels. She formed the Hunting Cocker Spaniel Club whose name was later changed to Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Club.

She worked toward the goal of producing quality conformation, obedience and field cockers but she made her largest impact through her written words. She authored The Cocker Spaniel: Companion, Shooting Dog and Show Dog, published in 1935. This was the most complete book ever written on the breed up until that time. The book has since had several revisions and updates and has been cherished by breeders through the years.

Wilma Parker, Curator, ASC Archives

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