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Presently there are two sections to the HR – Part I and Part II. Part I contains those dogs that have reached permanent status and those younger dogs that are current on eye clearances. To remain in Part I, it is mandatory that the eye exam be performed at least every 12 months on those dogs that are under eligible age for permanent status. If the eye clearance is not current, the dog will move to Part II, which is available for viewing only to those who have the ASC password. When the eye clearance is updated the dog will move back to Part I. A two-month grace period will be allowed before the dog is moved to Part II.

You will notice that the thyroid no longer reaches permanent status. (This is related to the selection of criteria for programming for permanency.) It is recommended that the thyroid test be done annually or bi-annually up until at least eight years of age. The thyroid date will be treated similar to the eye exam. However, if the test is over 12 months, a two months grace period will be given, and then it will read in italics. The dog will not be moved to Part II because the thyroid test is not current.

The HR will be updated on the web ASAP – as entries are received. This will allow breeders to keep more current on those dogs in their bloodlines and should help immensely with planning future breedings.

Another nice feature is that we have the ability to indicate permanent status on the sire and/or dam of each entered dog, providing those dogs have been entered and/or updated. It’s not too late to enter those dogs, even if they are deceased, as long as the owner can provide the necessary documentation. But you must bring permanent sire/dam info to the Registrar’s attention since this is done manually. A plus sign + will appear in front of those dogs.

You will find the HR easy to navigate. It’s simple! There is a block of page numbers at the top and bottom of the pages, but each page is not numbered, as a document would be. You can navigate by clicking on one of the page numbers or FIRST, PREVIOUS, etc. Theoretically the listings could change daily. There is an owners’ list alphabetically by last name and numerically by their ID number in the HR. Also, there are lists for Permanent and Deceased dogs.

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Puppy Enrollments are due May 1 for July Futurity. If you miss this deadline, you must include an additional $15 late fee ( total $25 ) and the enrollment must be received by the futurity chair by June 1.