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Eye Exams

  • All dogs must be at least two years old when examined.
  • The eye examination must be made annually.
  • Only eye exams done by and signed by, a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) will be accepted.
  • Eye Exams must be marked not affected under the Lens (Cataract) and Fundus (PRA) areas of the exam form. Unidentified/Suspicious and/or Affected markings will not be accepted for publication unless there is an explanation on the form, stating that the problem noted on the form is not PRA or cataract and/or the problem is not hereditary in nature.
  • The examination certificate must contain: registered name and number of the dog, breed, the dog's color, sex, date of birth and the name of the owner(s). Certificates with call names only will be returned, unrecorded, for correction.
  • Non-CERF users: The original examination certificate must be sent; or the copy the ACVO Diplomate gives the owner. Carbon copies (CERF forms) will be accepted.
  • No Photocopies of examination certificates will be accepted.
  • CERF users: Please send your original CERF certificate and a photocopy of the original examination certificate. Please make the photocopy of the original before sending it to CERF since they keep the original examination certificate.


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