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Achieving Permanent Status

With the revision of the HR, Permanent Status is available only through eye clearances. If the eye exam is abnormal (or not updated and age requirements are not met) the dog will move to Part II and show all other pertinent info, i.e. OFA, Thy, etc.

Requirements for Permanent Status for Eye Exams

  • The Permanent Registry contains all dogs that have had a clear eye exam after their 8th birthday.
  • Deceased dogs can be included in the Permanent Registry provided they meet the following criteria:
    • Dogs who die at 6 years of age are required to have had a clear eye exam after their 6th birthday.
    • Dogs who die at 7 or 8 years of age, are required to have had a clear eye exam within one calendar year of the date of their death.

Additional Comments

No one sees the health documents except the Registrar and/or Chairman. If a consultation is necessary a copy of the document, with the dog's and owner's names blocked out, is sent to an ophthalmologist or veterinarian depending on the situation. Over 99% of the exams received are non-defective. Strictest confidentiality is maintained. The Chairman/Registrar is a professional in the veterinary field - a Registered Veterinary Technician (R.V.T.) since 1978.

Annual Health Registries from prior years may be available. Contact the Registrar for prices.

A First Permanent Registry was published in 1988. It includes all Permanently Registered dogs in Volumes 1-12 of the Annual Health Registries. A Second Permanent Registry was published in 1993. It includes all Permanently Registered dogs in Volumes 13-18 of the Annual Health Registries. A Third Permanent Registry was published in 2000. It includes all Permanently Registered dogs in Volumes 19-25 of the Annual Health Registries. Copies of the First, Second and Third Permanent Registries are available from the Registrar and the ASC Secretary. Price: $7.00 (includes postage)

The hard copy era finished with the 24th HR published in 1999. The previous HR’s online, starting with the 24th and including the 25th, 26th and 3rd Permanent have all been incorporated in to this revised (continual) HR.

The ASC Health Registry is now accepting data on veterinarian documented conditions to be listed in Part 2 of the HR. As usual, a copy of the AKC registration is required unless the dog is already entered in the database. No one but the Registrar will have access to this information prior to the disbursal of the ASC password, which will be available upon request to all ASC members in good standing. The password will be offered after sufficient data has been collected, however submissions have been slow in coming.

PDF file Affliction Authorization Form (Health Registry)

Earlier the National Nominating Committee presented the following nominees to serve 2-year terms (1-18 to 1-20) as officers of the club.:


President — Diane Kepley 

1st VP — Julie Virosteck 

2nd VP — Kathy Egeland-Brock


Now the Zone Nominating Committees have finished their work and are nominating the following individuals to serve as Directors and Alternates for 2-Year terms (1-18 until 1-20).


Zone 1 

Director — Stacy Dobmeier; Alternate — Vivian Hudson


Zone 2

Director — Dale Ward; Alternate — Karin Linde Klerholm


Zone 3

Director — Bonnie Buell; Alternate — Lisa Arnett


Zone 4

Director — Linda McLean; Alternate — Lane Tarantino 


Zone 5

Director — Alan Santos; Alternate — DeAnn Jepson


Any members who were not nominated by these committees may run by petition received by the Secretary on or before November 15th. Requirements for the petitions are contained in Article IV, Section 2 of the bylaws found on the ASC website under Documents.


Just a reminder that the ASC Board is soliciting member input prior to taking action on the proposed bylaw changes. The 30 day comment period ends on October 28, 2017.

Please post any comments or questions to the ASC Yahoo List or send your comments to me, Tony Stallard, privately if you so desire. a4r4s4@aol.com 


The ballots to vote on the proposed standard revisions were mailed to all ASC members on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.  In returning the ballots, please follow the instructions in order to insure that you are sending in valid ballots. There are four ballots, one for each proposed change.

The ballots MUST BE RECEIVED BY WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2017 to be valid.



ASC will be hosting a hunt test open to all registered breeds of flushing spaniels, Airedale Terriers, Irish Water Spaniels, and select Retriever breeds. This hunt test will be held on October 28 & 29, 2017 in Jacobus, Pennsylvania. Any one that is interested in receiving a premium list for this test or for being tested for the WD/WDX please contact 
Patrician Petraglia at px3@msn.com

Harvey Update - ASCF Disaster Relief Fund (click here)


***************************** FLUSHING SPANIEL SHOW 2018 U P D A T E *****************************

Due to unforeseen delays with the building improvement construction, the Knoxville Exhibition Center will not be ready in time for our January show. Therefore, we will move the show to the Jacob Building at Chilhowee Park (2201 E. Magnolia Avenue, Knoxville).

The venue is a short 5 ½ miles (approximately 10 min.) drive from the Holiday Inn. The Knoxville Convention Center team has committed to making this unexpected transition as seamless as possible. We are working with Visit Knoxville (Convention & Visitors Bureau) to provide shuttle service for our members and guests to/from the Holiday Inn and the show venue.

More information will be available shortly as the Show Committee works on the logistics of the Show.  For now, we recommend that everyone who has reservations at the Holiday Inn, KEEP them. The few motels located by the facility are not recommended by the KCC or Chilhowee Park management. However, if you would like to cancel your reservation, please DO NOT call the Holiday Inn.  Please contact Jane Williams.  We have a waiting list for rooms and we need to facilitate the room change or the room will go back to general hotel inventory. 

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