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Merle Color In Cocker Spaniels - Analyses Goal #3


Goal #3: Develop recommended approach to educating breeders, owners and general puppy buying population the results of the investigations and facts determined from goals 1 and 2.

Target audiences for education should include, breeders, owners, puppy buyers

Develop key messages for each target audience

  • Basic description of the Merle pattern
  • Basic education on the genetics of breeding better dogs
  • Specific education on the genetics of breeding Merle dogs (Merle to Merle, Merle to black or red)
  • Existence of the Cryptic mutation
  • Value of DNA testing for Merle mutation
  • Health consequences of Merle breeding
  • Basic description of a Merle pattern
  • Value of DNA testing of their pets
  • Specific education on genetics of Merle
  • Existence of Cryptic mutation
  • Potential existence of consequences (i.e. health issues)
  • Alternative treatment options for specific health issues
Puppy Buyers
  • Basic description of the Merle pattern
  • Value of DNA testing of their potential pets
  • Simple explanation of genetics and gene mutation
  • Potential for puppy to contract certain diseases
  • Existence of potential significant health risks involved with Merle puppies
  • Practice of breeding Merle cockers is not approved and is strongly denounced by the parent club – American Spaniel Club

Determine best outlets to maximize coverage of each for target audience

Options include
  • Internet – websites, social networks,
    • ASC, ASCF, selected Zone Club websites
  • Print - articles and advertisements for cocker magazines, cocker club newsletters, ASC Bulletin
  • On-the-shelf Powerpoint presentations, including speaker notes for broad decimation to clubs, gatherings, etc.
For nominating your bitches use the following checklist.
  Futurity Checklist As the breeder, are your dues paid so you remain a member in good standing?
  Futurity Checklist
Are sire and dam over 2 years old?
  Futurity Checklist
Do both sire and dam have OFA/PennHips/other countries certification numbers?
  Futurity Checklist
Have both sire and dam had their eyes examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist after age 2 and within the 12 months before the breeding? Don’t miss out because you have old eye exams and don’t get new ones done until after the breeding.
  Futurity Checklist
Send in the paperwork to nominate the bitch before the litter is whelped.
  Futurity Checklist
Then remember to enroll your puppies by the deadlines.

Debbie Knight
January Futurity Chair
P.O. Box 431
Marlborough, NH 03455
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