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Merle Color In Cocker Spaniels - Analyses Goal #3


Goal #3: Develop recommended approach to educating breeders, owners and general puppy buying population the results of the investigations and facts determined from goals 1 and 2.

Target audiences for education should include, breeders, owners, puppy buyers

Develop key messages for each target audience

  • Basic description of the Merle pattern
  • Basic education on the genetics of breeding better dogs
  • Specific education on the genetics of breeding Merle dogs (Merle to Merle, Merle to black or red)
  • Existence of the Cryptic mutation
  • Value of DNA testing for Merle mutation
  • Health consequences of Merle breeding
  • Basic description of a Merle pattern
  • Value of DNA testing of their pets
  • Specific education on genetics of Merle
  • Existence of Cryptic mutation
  • Potential existence of consequences (i.e. health issues)
  • Alternative treatment options for specific health issues
Puppy Buyers
  • Basic description of the Merle pattern
  • Value of DNA testing of their potential pets
  • Simple explanation of genetics and gene mutation
  • Potential for puppy to contract certain diseases
  • Existence of potential significant health risks involved with Merle puppies
  • Practice of breeding Merle cockers is not approved and is strongly denounced by the parent club – American Spaniel Club

Determine best outlets to maximize coverage of each for target audience

Options include
  • Internet – websites, social networks,
    • ASC, ASCF, selected Zone Club websites
  • Print - articles and advertisements for cocker magazines, cocker club newsletters, ASC Bulletin
  • On-the-shelf Powerpoint presentations, including speaker notes for broad decimation to clubs, gatherings, etc.

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