Club History

by Dick Duding
reprinted from the July, August, September 1999 ASC Bulletin

As you all know, if you look at the year that the ASC was formed, this is truly a very, very old club, 1881 is a long time ago. Unfortunately, some of the clubs early history is vague, but there was some effort to put into written word why things happened as they did.

In 1945, for example, the Executive Committee of the ASC decided to divide the country into four zones. In 1945 the membership was increasing rapidly, as was the popularity of the Cocker in particular, thus it was felt having a Director from each Zone would more truly represent the entire membership. Of course today, we have five zones and five Zone Directors.

In the late forties, and particularly in 1947, the ASC Executive Committee made note that the Cocker was "top dog" in AKC registrations and the AKC additionally recognized this position was not necessarily a positive one when it came to the breeds’ best interest. A study of canine history showed that no breed remained long at the peak because over popularity attracts many types of breeders (not necessarily the good-types...). It was determined that the profit motive soon was the driving force with little concern for the overall health of the breed. Overall quality of the breed was found to decline accordingly once the change in motive became evident. Considering this, it would seem that our current position of popularity and declining registrations is not necessarily a cause for concern. In fact it would seem, based on past history, that we should rejoice in this very fact.

In 1947, the growth of the club and the amount of paper work required from the Secretary's Office necessitated the opening of an official office in New York City. The first ASC official club office was 42 Broadway. In 1948, interestingly, the ASC requested the AKC to permit the creation of a fourth variety of Cocker Spaniel for the Black and Tans. This request was denied. It was denied again in 1950.

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