Black Prince

Ch. Black Prince

January 1892 Portraits of Dogs Of The Day,
a monthly periodical edited by H. W. Lacey

Champion Black Prince AKR 62

In the early eighties when Black Prince earned his laurels at the comparatively few shows that were held at the time, the Field Spaniel seemed to be a more popular dog, than it is at present, the lively little cocker having taken its place to a great extent.

Champion Black Prince is probably about the best Field Spaniel bred in America and was whelped July 15, 1881. His sire was the well-known champion Benedict, the first good field spaniel imported to this country out of Madcap. His breeder is Mr. A. Clinton Wilmerding, of New York City, so well and favorably known as a breeder and capable judge of the spaniel .

Black Prince’s winnings were very numerous and included second prize at Pittsburg, New York and Cleveland, 1882; first and specials, Meriden, second Washington, first New York, Danbury and National Breeder’s show, Philadelphia, 1884; championship and cup for best retrieving spaniel, Newark, champion New Haven and Boston, and one of Best Brace, New York, 1886. This closed his show career, as shortly after his owner withdrew him from competition.

A good show dog himself, Black Prince imparted his excellent qualities to his offspring, for as a sire of winners he was quite successful. Among his progeny were some well-known animals, such as Newton Abbot, Black Joe, Compton, Monck, Nonesuch, Lady Abbot and a host of minor lights in the show arena.

In the field, champion Black Prince is and excellent worker, with an unsurpassed nose, and capital retriever from land or water. Naturally his many good qualities endear him to his owner, who could never be persuaded to part with him.

It speaks much for Black Prince’s gameness and vigor when we remark that on July 2, 1892 though nearly eleven years old, his owner shot several woodcock over him in the woods near Morristown, N. J. and our illustration was taken just after he had retrieved one of them.


The Black Prince Trophy
Photo courtesy of AKC
On permanent display AKC Library, NY.

Inscription: Best Retrieving Spaniel Newark 1886 A.C. Wilmerding Breeder and Trainer.

W. Parker, ASC Curator

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