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Ch. Overoak Rising Son

The first Cocker to sire three ASC Best In Futurity winners.


Registration No.: SN141864/04
Date of Birth: February 28, 1994
Sex: Male
Color and Markings: Buff
Breeders: Jeannine E. Adams/Elizabeth Kelly
Owners: Jeannine E. Adams/Elizabeth Kelly

NOTE: Ch Overoak Rising Son is the first Cocker in breed history to sire three ASC Best In Futurity winners. Buttonwood’s Gypsy Flame, 2005; Lydgate Rise N’ Shine, 2006; Trinity’s Sunshine Rose, 2009. "Max" was also an ASC winner. In 1995 he was RWD from the classes and he won the ASCOB Variety under Mrs. John Patterson in 1996.

        Ch Artru Jan-Myr's Rocky SC214619
      Ch Artru Stardust SD111033
        Ch Artru Wild Cherry SC429254
    Am/Can Ch Candelle's Cinnamon Toast SF465403
        Am/Can Ch Hu-Mar's Go For The Gold CD SD776046
      Can Ch Larmaro's Ashley Of Candelle TA555736, SM855784/01
        Bar Mar's Larmaro Ashley Stone SD788500
  Ch Silverhall Soldier Of Fortune SM843872/01
        Ch Frandee's Federal Agent SC665382
      Ch Frandee's Forgery SD391861
        Ch Feinlyne Fetch And Go SC225508
    Ch Silverhall Snapdragon II SE825074
        Ch Overoak Tis Demon's Warlock SD637653
      Ch Silverhall Sorceress SE050352
        Silverhall Remar's Moonshadow SD806013
CH OVEROAK RISING SON SN141864/04 (09-95)
        Ch Bobwin's Boy Eagle SB071535
      Ch Windy Hill's Eagle Scout SB559309
        Ch Windy Hill's 'Tis Fanci Tam SB136188
    Ch Overoak Black Mark SC841087
        Dur-Bet's Rebel Yell SB328973
      Ch Overoak Whistlin' Dixie SC174862
        Wil-Co's Well Done SB856691
  Ch Overoak Career Girl SF391975
        Ch Rinky Dink's Sir Lancelot SB232984
      Ch Kaplar's Kon-Man SD105223
        Ch Kaplar's Kustom-Kut SC533903
    Ch Overoak Caprice SE399228
        Ch Windy Hill's Eagle Scout SB559309
      Ch Overoak Wild Flower SD336485
        Ch Overoak Whistlin' Dixie SC174862

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