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Ch. Begay's Tan Man

1970: The first Black/White/Tan Cocker to win ASC Best In Show.


Registration No.: SA411452 (11-67)
Date of Birth: July 8, 1966
Sex: Male
Color and Markings: Black/White/Tan
Breeder: William Ernst
Owner: William and Gay Ernst

Ch. Hall-Way Hoot Mon S919098
Ch. Scioto Bluff's Sinbad SA036963
Ch. Scioto Bluff's Judy S811778
Ch. Rexpointe Dutchmaster SA170657
Ch. Maribeau's Mid Summer Madness S737729
Ch. Maribeau's My Lil' Dutch Treat S830975
Maribeau's My Treat S653129
Ch. Pine Bluff's Dutch Special SA335711 (10-66)
Ch. Rexpointe Captain Holiday S893658
Ch. Rexpointe Frostee Dutchman S995795
Ch. Maribeau's My Lil' Dutch Treat S830975
Pine Bluff's Special Treat SA189131
Ch. Maribeau's Mid Summer Eclipse S896661
Rexpointe Triple Treat SA056767
Maribeau's My Holiday Treat S995797
Ch. Begay’s Tan Man SA411452
Ch. Harrigan Of Twin Haven CD TD S989750
Ch. Twinhaven Clancy SA152296
Ch. Baliwick Butterfly SA19747
Ch. Twinhaven Casey SA243415
Ch. Baliwick Bemarkable S933644
Ch. Crackerbox Costume SA044860
Ch. Cywyn's Charade S900679
Ch. Begay’s Yes Indeedy SA328676
Ch. Dau-Han's Dan Morgan SA854921
Ch. Beau Monde War Paint S985062
Norbill's Novelty S815804
Merikay's War Bonnet CD SA040061
Ch. Mestler's Extra Special S915377
Ch. Merikay's Extra Fancy S969410
Willhall Tranquility S760706


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More information will be available shortly as the Show Committee works on the logistics of the Show.  For now, we recommend that everyone who has reservations at the Holiday Inn, KEEP them. The few motels located by the facility are not recommended by the KCC or Chilhowee Park management. However, if you would like to cancel your reservation, please DO NOT call the Holiday Inn.  Please contact Jane Williams.  We have a waiting list for rooms and we need to facilitate the room change or the room will go back to general hotel inventory. 

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