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Legacy Preservation Project

The Legacy Preservation Project
Preserving the Past
None of us wish to think about the day we are no longer here. We know you love this breed... so help us ensure our spaniels and club history will be preserved for future generations. This does NOT mean parting with your treasures. It means making a will and provisions for them so one day they will not be thrown out in the trash.

You are a lifetime member of the American Spaniel Club. Your contributions to our breed and Club have brought us to now, where we meet the new challenges of the 21st century. It is exciting.

Yet, even as we go forward, we must preserve what has gone before. We must work to save the old stories, the books, the keepsakes, that are our history. These are your stories, your treasured memo ries, your history…

Sadly, some breeder artifacts are lost to us because families did not understand the meaningfulness of the materials, or how to donate them to the fancy. We hope to prevent this from happening again by providing our members with a simple way to donate their historical items.

The American Spaniel Club - Legacy Preservation Kit is a collection of forms designed to provide a smooth transfer of your memorabilia to the American Spaniel Club. When you complete and return these forms, you assure that your personal breed memorabilia will be entrusted to the ASC and preserved for the fancy.

The Legacy Preservation Kit is based on a simple legal model that includes

  • 1) Lifetime Gifting And Gifting From Your Estate, a form with directions for your family to use on how to contact the ASC to donate your breed-related items, and
  • 2) Inventory And Contact Information, a form that lists the items you wish transferred to the ASC.

The Kit helps you establish a partnership between your family and the American Spaniel Club to safeguard your keepsakes. We hope you agre e and will complete the forms today.

If you wish you can support our archival project with a cash donation. You see, your breed achievements and stories belong to all of us, and together we can take our moment in time, save it, and carry it forward for future fanciers to benefit our beloved breed.
PDF fileLifetime Gifting And Gifting From Your Estate
PDF fileInventory And Contact Information

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