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Judy IbyInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012
For contribution to the Organization

Judy Iby, Sandor Cocker Spaniels

Any fan of harness racing will recognize the name of Greyhound, the legendary record setting trotting horse of the 1930’s.  What some may not know is the man who sat behind those record setting rides was Scepter Palin, Judy Iby’s grandfather. Judy inherited Sep Palin’s competitive spirit setting goals and making records. She trained and showed hunters and jumpers in New Jersey before she was initiated into the world of show dogs. Growing up, Judy always had a Cocker Spaniel in her life. She earned her first title with her pet Cocker Spaniel in 1963. Taffy was a good little worker but couldn’t go on because of health problems.

By the time Judy realized she needed to find a career she was a divorced mother with two children to raise. She had already bred two Cocker litters and she was determined to give her dogs the best care possible. She decided to return to college to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. The University of Cincinnati had the program she needed and Judy moved to Cincinnati in 1975 with her children and three Cocker Spaniels. 

A Breeder and Competitor
As a breeder Judy wanted her dogs to be all they could be and resolved not to waste their talents. It was not unusual to have her all of her dogs in some type of training. This along with raising two kids led to a very busy lifestyle. The Sandor Cockers may not have gotten the best scores, but they were not left to their own devices at home in an x pen or whelping box. Each had a job to do and they loved doing it. Judy has earned well over 130 AKC titles in conformation, tracking, obedience, and agility and those titles were earned by 29 Sandor Cocker Spaniels.

Service to Purebred Dog Sports and the Breed
Judy became an AKC Tracking judge and in her spare time she wrote articles for the Cocker Spaniel Leader on health and other on-going issues in the breed. To Breed or NOT To Breed was about the responsibilities of a breeder, care of the stud dog and brood bitch and the importance of spaying and neutering pet puppies. Our local club (OVCSC) members included her article in our new owner’s package with every pet puppy we sold. Judy authored two books on the care of the Cocker Spaniel and was a guest author on several others. She was recognized with the coveted Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America for her book, A New Owners Guide to the Cocker Spaniel

In 1994, the ASC Health Registry leadership responsibilities were passed to Judy and Tina Turner. Tina retired a few years later and Judy assumed all responsibility as Chair and Registrar. Among her goals was to bring the Health Registry into the new digital age. This was not an easy task as she is not from the world of hi tech communications. But she bought herself a computer and set about learning everything she could. Mission was accomplished in January 2002 when the ASC Health Registry was launched online.

Her contributions to the American Spaniel Club and the well-being of Cocker Spaniels are well documented through her educational articles and through example. She has served on various committees and now after almost two decades she has retired as the ASC Heath Registry Chair. It is altogether fitting and proper that we pay tribute to Judith P Iby and induct her into the ASC Hall of Fame for her Contributions to the Organization.

Wilma Parker, ASC Archives

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