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Louise MilnerInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001
For Service to the Organization

Louise enjoyed a limited breeding program during her early years as a member using the prefix M’Lou. Her most well known cocker was a fancy moving black bitch, Ch. Lurola’s Skip To M’Lou, from the Lurola Kennels of Bob and Lucia Lake.

Louise was an approved judge of cockers and her dedication to the spaniel breeds and ASC are legend and span well over 20 years. Her untimely death in 2001 denied the club of her valuable guidance as well as her many talents.

Her duties to the club were many and varied, covering a span of several years. She served as treasurer from 1978 to 1986 and again from 1989 to 1995, as 2nd vice-president from 1984 – 1985 and again from 1992-1994 and as 1st vice-president, 1994-1995. She was elected president for three terms, 1996 to 1999.

She was active on the standard committee and the committee for Breeder/Judges Education. She participated in the first edition of the fully illustrated The Study of the Cocker Spaniel, which won a Dog Writers Award, the committee for the Cocker Spaniel CD Rom and served as Liaison for the National Specialty show. Louise was a mentor to all and her interest in breed and ASC history left behind a legacy we will always remember.

Louise’s heart was always devoted to the welfare of the breed and she was a contributing influence to one of the most important events to occur during her term as president, the formation of the ASC Foundation, dedicated to the Health and Welfare of the Spaniel breeds.

Wilma Parker, Curator, ASC Archives

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