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Margaret CiezkowskiInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000
For Service to the Organization

Margaret’s tireless efforts and dedication for over a quarter of a century as the secretary of the ASC are probably only equated by the utmost of integrity and honesty she brought to her position. Serving first under President Robert Biggs in 1969, through 15 different ASC presidents and over 25 different ASC Boards until her retirement in 1997, for many of us, she was, is and always will be the ASC.

She was our first contact with the ASC when we applied for membership—it was she who put a sense of continuity on an organization that continually rotates volunteers through various positions. It was she we could turn to when we needed to know some point of history or order. She is an American Spaniel Club icon—and it is only fitting that Margaret Ciezkowski, be inducted into the ASC Hall of Fame for extraordinary Contribution to the ASC so that we can capture this unique woman and her influence on the club for succeeding generations.

Charles Born, Jan 2000, 1st Vice President, ASC Archives

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