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Margaret M. SaariInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011
For contribution to the Organization

Margaret M. Saari, D.V.M. has been compiling “Top Dog” records since 1953. Her statistics were first published that year in “The Cocker Spaniel Visitor”. After the Visitor they were published in “The American Cocker Review”, and “The Cocker Spaniel Leader”. They are now in the “Cocker Classic” and the “American Spaniel Club, Inc. Bulletin”. Her records were published in the 1976 American Spaniel Club, Inc. book and the 1881-1981 American Spaniel Club, Inc. two volume Centennial books.

Marge’s dedication to the fancy is above and beyond the ordinary for her monthly reporting for almost 60 years. There is much history in her records including the “Top Winners”, “Top Producers” and “Top Breeders” for every year. She is famous for her commitment to documenting these records for us, the Cocker Spaniel Fancy.

Marge is the ongoing American Spaniel Club chair for the “Top Dog” committee and serves on the “Archival Project Work Group”. She served as the American Spaniel Club “Health” chair from it’s inception through 2009. She was also the “Show Chair” for the first Zone 4 show in 1962.

To do what she has done for so many years is much more than just adding numbers next to names, it has been a tool that all breeders have taken for granted, and found to be extremely useful to the betterment of the breed. Her work is priceless and the list of honorees in the Hall of Fame would not be complete without honoring her legacy and her contributions to the Organization. Marge was inducted into the American Spaniel Club Hall of Fame, January 2011.

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