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Mary and Norman Barnes

Mary and Norman Barnes - Liz Bar   
 Norman and Mary Barnes 1986 Best of Breed; L-R: Dr. Al Grossman, Judge, Alice Kaplan,
Agent David Roberts, Mary Barnes, Stephen Calvert, Norman Barnes

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015
For contribution to the Breed

Mary and Norman Barnes, Liz Bar

Mary Barnes bred and showed cocker spaniels from the late 1940's until she whelped her last litter in the early 1990's. She was primarily known for her black cockers and especially her beautiful black bitches but she also finished ASCOBs and parti-colors. Probably her two most famous cockers were CH Liz-Bar Magic of Music, "Bass," and Ch Liz-Bar Chances Are, "Esmeralda." Bass was a top winning black cocker for the decade of the 70's. He was a multiple Best in Show dog, winning the Black Variety twice at ASC and going Best in Show at Santa Barbara Kennel club over 2000 dogs. Esmeralda was also a Best in Show winner. Only bred once, Esmeralda produced two champion get (CH Liz-Bar Gambler and Ch Liz-Bar Happen). Mary finished over 75 dogs under the Liz-Bar prefix. Ch Liz-Bar Magician, "Buddy" was her top producer. She also showed and finished dogs for many other cocker fanciers in the southeast. To name a few, these include: Ann Smith-Martin, Terry Corn, Pat Karney, Diane Hernandez, Nancy Hunter, Karen Phiel, and Susan Roman. 

Mary and her husband, Norman were very active in ASC. Both served as President of the Cocker Spaniel Specialty Club of Georgia (CSSCG) for multiple terms of office. Additionally, Mary was the CSSCG treasurer for many years. Norman also served as President of The Combined Specialty Clubs of Georgia. Mary is a life member of ASC, CSSCG, and Atlanta Kennel Club. 

In addition to breeding, training and showing her beloved black cockers; Mary was a mentor to many cocker newcomers and exhibitors. She would work for hours teaching proper show grooming and handling to us. Mary shared her knowledge with many others and asked for only one thing of us; that we, in turn, share the knowledge and love of cockers with other newcomers.

Mary N. Barnes was 96 on December 19, 2014. It is fitting if that we, the ASC membership, recognize Mary and Norman Barnes and their contributions to the breed by adding their names to the ASC Hall of Fame.

Wilma Parker


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