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Membership Application - Application Process

Application Process

1. Please complete all parts of the application form including your 9 number zip code. A husband and wife applying together must complete individual forms.

2. Your application must be sponsored by two members of the American Spaniel Club. Select two (2) members of the A.S.C. who are most familiar with your interests and activities in dogs to sponsor your application. Ask them to complete the Sponsor Form and return the form to you. Note: Sponsors may endorse a husband and wife membership on one form.


a) a member in good standing of A.S.C.
b) an individual who has known you for at least six (6) months
c) sponsors cannot be members of the same household or members of the applicant's household

3. Mail the following to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Asst. Treasurer
6973 Davis-Boone Road
Boones Mill VA 24065-2133

a) Application Form with signature of your Zone Director (See address below). In case of foreign applicants, the President's signature.
b) Both Sponsors' Endorsements
c) Payment in U.S. Funds(U.S. Money Orders or Canadian Money Orders for U. S. Funds) for membership dues and initiation fee and mailing surcharge, if applicable, indicated above. Checks on foreign banks for U.S. Funds are NOT acceptable.
d) Signed Code of Ethics Card

4. Your name as well as your sponsors' names will appear in a mailing to the membership.

Members will be given the opportunity within 30 days from the date of this mailing to express in writing their concerns or objections to your membership application. The Board of Directors will review all concerns and objections prior to voting on your application.

NOTE: Individuals cannot nominate bitches for Futurity litters until they have been officially elected to membership.

Futurity TrophyJanuary Futurity Reminder

Puppy Enrollments are due November 1 for January Futurity. If you miss this deadline, you must include an additional $15 late fee ( total $25 ) and the enrollment must be received by the futurity chair by December 1.