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Reasons YOU Should Join The American Spaniel Club
By Ruth Kraeuchi*

The question is often asked —what can a membership in the American Spaniel Club mean to me? If one intends to join an organization with but one thought in mind, "What can I get out of it?" then the organization's value to that person is of no worth and his membership is inconsequential to the club. But, if he joins with a thought of taking an active interest in the affairs of the club and supporting its various activities, then, and then only, does he become a real asset to the club and the club can really do something for the individual.

First, let us consider the purpose of the American Spaniel Club. The Constitution defines it as follows: "The object of the Club shall be the encouragement of the promotion, breeding and protection of all Sporting Spaniels, and the offering of prizes at Bench Shows, Obedience Trials and Field Trials when so authorized by the Executive Committee of this Club." Truly a great purpose and one that all sincere breeders should be happy to promote. Such membership aligns the individual with the sincere breeders of the country who have the object of the Club as their objective. Such membership gives each individual member an opportunity to have a part in the control of the future of the breed, to direct its progress as he sees fit by transmitting his thoughts through the proper channels to the Executive Committee. These ideas may be along various lines —the physical characteristics in the handling of Club affairs, along the lines of breeding practices, along the line of changes in the Standard, and many others. It is the desire of the Executive Committee to make the American Spaniel Club a democratic organization, which reflects the wishes of its members at all times.

The activities of the Club are many-fold and include conformation shows, field trials, obedience trials and also an endeavor, through the offer of substantial monetary awards, to encourage the development not only of dual-purpose Cockers, but of tri-purpose dogs (bench, field and obedience) which is a rare thing in any breed —truly a real goal for which to strive, but not an impossible one.

So, rather than consider what the American Spaniel Club can do for a member, think in terms of the honor and prestige to be gained from membership in this wonderful organization; think in terms of having a part in guiding the destinies of the Cocker Spaniel; think in terms of friendships and associations with so many others, all with a common interest.

*Excerpted from the official column of the American Spaniel Club, which appeared in the May 1960 issue of the American Kennel Gazette.

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