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Michael AllenInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007
For contribution to the Organization

Michael Allen's commitment and dedication to the Cocker Spaniel, both as a breeder, club member and respected member of the purebred dog community worldwide, positioned her as a qualified candidate for the American Spaniel Club Hall of Fame.

Renowned as a photographer and artist, Ms. Allen edited and published multiple award-winning publications including The Magazine for 20 years, and the compendium, The American Cocker Book.

Ms. Allen's contribution to the American Spaniel Club spans almost five decades. These include:

  • Drawings for the award winning ASC original Blue Book
  • Creation and donation of 13 original watercolor paintings used in the American Spaniel Club 2004 Cocker Cuties Calendar fundraiser, a self funded project that raised more than $20,000 for breeder education programs
  • Watercolors were auctioned by the ASC-F to establish the Michael Allen Veterinary Student Scholarship fund, now (2007) at $5,500 base
  • Creation and donation of the original drawing given in recognition of Cocker Spaniels earning the prestigious, Ruby Memorial Award

In the wider purebred dog world, Michael Allen was noted for her artwork illustrating the covers of books and magazines worldwide. Her portraits of top winning champions in numerous breeds, but for Cockers, she immortalized fluid movement of the sporting spaniel with her photo of the Ch. Kamp's Kaptain Kool.

Future breed fanciers and purebred dog aficionados will recognize the depth of contribution and commitment of Ms. Allen through her generous sharing of her incredible talent. She earned her place in the American Spaniel Club Hall of Fame for her many Contributions to the Organization and to the sport of purebred dogs.

Bobbie Kolehouse

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