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Pauline Reintee                             

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014
For contribution to the Organization

Pauline Reintee

Pauline Reintee’s work on the pedigree website for cockers is something very special. She works tirelessly to update the website as she gets new dog and title information. This website now contains almost 170,000 cocker spaniels.

This website is provided totally free of charge for the personal use of breeders and owners of cocker spaniels worldwide.

The cocker pedigree database started in April 2005 as a joint effort between Pauline and Annette Hagglund from Europe. Annette passed away unexpectedly in April 2010 and since then Pauline alone has maintained the entry of cocker spaniels. Pauline has added over 37,500 cockers since June 2010.

Pauline has spent thousands of dollars of her own money to purchase stud books and other resource materials and have them shipped to her house so she can enter complete information on all the dogs. This also allows her to complete pedigrees back to even earlier generations.

Recently, Pauline has spent countless hours working on notating the merle cocker spaniels, and possible merles, in the database. She also buys pedigrees from AKC on the newly registered merle cockers so that there is a record of pedigrees and breedings that produced merle colored cocker spaniels.

Her health issues in the last few years have slowed her data input, but not her desire to keep the database up to date.

It’s difficult to imagine trying to breed cocker spaniels without this wonderful tool.

I often go to the site to look up a dog or two and end up spending an hour or more just looking at pedigrees of famous dogs of the past, great producers, etc.

The opportunity we as breeders have to look at producing results of stud dogs, reverse pedigrees and trial pedigrees of future breedings is invaluable.

We applaud Pauline for her selfless dedication to our breed and club by providing this fabulous tool for us to use when breeding as well as when researching the history of our breed. Pauline has rightfully earned the respect of all cocker breeders everywhere and we welcome to the ASC Hall of Fame, Pauline Reintee for her contributions to the organization.

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