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Ron FabisInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000
For contribution to the breed

Ron began his love affair with the Cocker Spaniel in 1949 and until his death in 1994, aside from his mercantile career, this was his prime interest and passion. Ron wore many hats in the dog world. He was a breeder, fancier and handier non pareil and when he turned his fancy to English Toy Spaniels he duplicated his cocker success just to show that talent will out.

If he had done nothing else but guide the stud careers of Ch. Scioto Bluff’s Sinbad and Ch. Dreamridge Dominoe this gentleman of the breed would have earned entrée into the Hall of Fame but Ron accomplished much, much more. Just a few of his fabled clients included Rexpointe, Priority, Merryhaven, Valli-Lo, Nosowea, Earnscliffe, Blue Bay and many, many more. His own Stonewalk prefix contributed to particolors and his contribution to Tom 0'Neal's Dreamridge was stuff legends are made of; winning BIS in 1975 at the ASC with the class dog Dreamridge Dandiman and in 1963 with Sinbad were two stellar accomplishments among many others.

He was a former chairman of the ASC Standard Committee during the extensive reformation of the standard as it is today. His work on this committee has helped mold the breed we love today. Lung cancer claimed Ron in 1994. As long as good cockers are enjoyed and as long as great particolors keep coming on the scene Ron will be remembered.

Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner, ASC Archival Work Group

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