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Ruth BenhoffInducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995
For contribution to the breed

Artru is a prefix that is still part of the Cocker Spaniel particularly the ASCOB variety. In 1995 Ruth was inducted into the ASC Hall of Fame. She bred, along with her husband Benny (Arthur H.), BIS winners in all three varieties.

As a handler Mrs. B was always the consummate pro. Not only were the dogs put down to the minute and trained to perfection but she was the one to go to when you wanted the job done. She finished champions for herself and others at a rate that could get one's head spinning. It almost seemed like child’s play but like all great talents Ruth only made it look easy. She was a hard worker and was very generous in sharing her knowledge and her dogs with anyone who showed interest and turned many a newcomer into a real breeder. The Artru cockers were as at home in the Obedience ring as in the show ring and countless couches wherever in the world good cockers count.

The Artru stud force was a legend in the breed. They are in the pedigrees of almost every worthwhile cocker no matter the variety. In buffs the Artru name is akin to sterling on silver and because of all these accomplishments Ruth is ensconced forever with the breed's best in the ASC Hall of Fame.

Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner, ASC Archival Work Group

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