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Ruth MullerInducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999
For contribution to the breed

Ruth and "Milru" were mainstays on the cocker scene for a long, long time. Her first litter was whelped in 1939 and was sired by Mrs.Towsend Scudder's, Brynwood, Danny Boy. Judge Scudder was very revered in ASC and in the history of cockers and obviously passed his enthusiasm on to Ruth Muller.

In the '50s Ruth and Milt Muller began in cockers seriously. Obedience and field work played a big part in the couple's early activities and success. Milru's Licorice Honey UDT won, among other honors, the Noerr Trophy. (Mr. Noerr was a very respected Obedience judge and breeder of Bloodhounds and Cocker Spaniels whose prefix was Kennels of the Ring.)

Ruth bred many champions and enjoyed innumerable important wins showing her dogs herself as well as having them shown by professional handlers. The numbers of fanciers that she mentored were many including some of the top breeders of today.

Ruth maintained a deep interest in cockers being used in the field, obedience and in conformation all through her life. She was never too busy to help any fledgling fancier. Her long time commitment coupled with her successes makes her a splendid example of what an ASC Hall of Fame inductee should be.

Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner, ASC Archival Work Group

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News on the Cataract Research Project - Updated 12/31/2016



This is a quote I love with regard to volunteering - “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

Needless to say in an all-volunteer organization like the American Spaniel Club and the American Spaniel Club Foundation, volunteers make a vital difference because neither organization would exist without dedicated volunteers. Simply stated -- volunteers are essential for the health and well-being of both Clubs and ultimately our beloved flushing spaniels.

Studies show that there are six main reasons people volunteer: to make a difference in others’ lives; to support an organization or cause; to learn something new; to develop personally or professionally; to feel better about themselves; and to meet people. In other words, volunteering is personal. Advertisements that simply state an organization needs volunteers are not generally successful and I know ASC and ASCF have both found that to be true. However, just think if you could make a difference, support a cause you love (cocker spaniels and the other flushing breeds), feel good in accomplishing an important goal, and meet other people who also love spaniels, wouldn’t you want to volunteer?

As the ASC Board announced at the National Specialty in July, ASC has embarked on a strategic plan to make ASC stronger and more relevant in today’s world of pure bred dogs. There are many areas in which ASC needs help – ASC communications, including a new breed magazine, social media, the new website, breeders education, judges education and public education; membership development and events; marketing; branding; national conformation and performance events; and field events. To accomplish this strategic plan a wide variety of volunteers are needed.

I know ASC has an amazingly talented membership with diverse experiences and expertise that can help ASC accomplish its strategic goals. Accordingly, ASC would like to be sure its knows about your expertise and interests. In ASC’s Annual Mailing, which everyone should have received by now, and on the ASC website and by survey monkey, there is a Volunteer Interest Form. PLEASE fill out the form and return it to either Dee Torgerson Rismyhr or Laurie Foley. From the Annual Mailing, Laurie has already received a number of completed forms. Thank you to those members for your immediate response, but we need a response from everyone!

To give one's time and talent for a good cause is a special feeling. And to see what a group like ASC’s membership can accomplish will be amazing. WON’T YOU HELP? WON”T YOU VOLUNTEER?

I am always open to hearing your thoughts, so email me anytime at lmoore@estesokon.com

January 2016 - UPDATED NEWS ON Cocker Spaniel Cataract Research 

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