2018 Flushing Spaniel Show Report

Flushing Spaniel Best In Show


Congratulations to the winner of Best in Show at the 98th American Spaniel Club Flushing Spaniel Club Show – ASCOB Cocker Spaniel GCHP Silverhall Strike Force!

Striker is bred by Bonnie and Wilson Pike, owned by Regina Beinhauer and Carolee Douglas, and handled by Mike Pitts.

Judge Mrs. Mary Ann Alston selected the ASCOB Cocker Spaniel from a stunning lineup of some of the nation’s top-winning flushing spaniels.  The American Spaniel Club was also honored to have Mr. Jim Reynolds of Canada and Mr. Nigel Worth of Wales, as well as Mr. Richard Bowling, Mr. Russell Hornfisher, Mr. Sam Houston McDonald, Mr. Doug McFarlane, and Mr. Calvin Ward on this year’s panel of judges.

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Voting Results for Standard Change

All of the ballots regarding the proposed changes to the Cocker Spaniel Breed Standard have been counted. The only proposed change that passed was to add the disqualification for blue eyes or blue specks in the eye. 


The results are as follows:

  • Blue Eyes DQ: Passed 
  • Undocked Tails:  Failed
  • Solid Sable: Failed
  • Parti Sable: Failed

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