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Wilma ParkerInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008
For contribution to the Organization

Wilma Parker has excelled as a breeder and exhibitor. She is also a respected and sought after judge. Many others in our ranks share the same attributes but she separated from our rank and file with contributions to ASC and to our breed which are almost unprecedented when she undertook preserving, ferreting out and disseminating missing historical data pertaining to our great old club and breed. Following in the footsteps and carrying on the foundation work of the late Dr. Frances Greer, Wilma gathered around her a group of like-minded, history oriented ASC members which morphed through her interest and initiative to become the "Spaniel Sleuths."

Employing old tried and true methods of research and communication, Wilma Parker amalgamated the old way of obtaining information with all the advantages of modern technology. Because of her efforts ASC today is accumulating a backlog of history. Dogs and breeders of the past have been given a new dimension by assiduous research and the unearthing of heretofore unavailable materials.

Each year at the Flushing Spaniel Show she spearheads an exhibition of what the "Sleuths" have unearthed. Often the annual meetings are highlighted by descendants of some of our past great ASC fancier's thanks to Wilma's research and communication skills. Mrs. Parker has given the current fancy the gift of its heritage and its future members an understanding of what came before them.

Bill Gorodner, Lloyd Alton, Shirley Estel & Kathy Reid on behalf of the Spaniel Sleuths

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