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Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Setting Up Rescue Groups

Cocker rescue, like any dog rescue, will require resources - time and money are the most obvious. This paper is merely a resource and guide - nothing beats talking (in real time!) with experienced cocker rescuers when you must deal with an anxious rescued cocker. In dealing with shelters, owners and potential adopters, you need to prove to them that you are a legitimate rescuer - not just some bleeding heart dog lover. You can’t “do it all” - there is no point in losing dogs in need because the humans were “burned out” or overloaded. You MUST recognize that you’ll need help - there is strength in numbers. Lastly, and very importantly, you also must recognize that there are serious liability issues that you must address (like placing a dog that later bites at its adopted home).

We highly recommend that you affiliate yourself with an established, local rescue organization and set yourself up as their local cocker expert. Several members of ASC have already banded together locally to begin organized rescue efforts. Before you join an established group, you should be clear about HOW they do rescue and whether the “system” we propose is acceptable to them. You can find these organizations by checking the Internet, with your local shelter, calling your local AKC or obedience clubs. If you are an ASC member and/or will subscribe to the ASC rescue policy, you can apply to join their rescue network.

(email: CkrRescue-subscribe@yahoogroups.com)

Summary: Join an organized rescue organization to:
  • gain coverage under their liability insurance
  • tap into the knowledge base developed by local rescue experts
  • have access to funds to cover emergency expenses
  • gain credibility in dealing with shelters and potential adopters
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