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Companion Dog Events

Exciting news! Recognizing the contribution of companion dog events to the cocker community, the ASC has formed a committee to help promote, support and acknowledge achievement in companion events including agility, obedience, and tracking. These events provide a showcase for our dog's talents, a way to deepen our bond with our dogs and a means to share special time with our cockers.

This committee is in addition to the Field committee. Field events, being the function of our breed and the basis for our standard, are fundamentally different than companion dog events.

Currently the committee is defining its goals that include:
  • Promotion of cockers in companion dog events
  • Encouragement of owners to participate in companion dog events
  • Recognition of achievement of cockers in companion dog events
As we organize our resources and proposals we will keep the membership informed. Suggestions, ideas, comments or questions can be emailed to Melissa Frye, Companion Dog Events Committee Chair
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arrow People involved in the Companion Dog Events Committee include:

Melissa Frye

Committee Members:
Venee Gardner
Jeanne Grim
Vivian Hudson
Jane Mohr
Gail Workman
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